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Q: What were the four European countries that supported exploration?
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What European countries were competing for European trade during the age of explorations?


What are four countries that are in Europe?

Norway, Portugal, Croatia, and Belarus are four examples of European countries.

Which four western European countries have large immigrant populations?

The four Western European countries that have large immigrant population are France, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom

What four European nations competed in intense economic and exploration based rivalries?

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What of the four major European countries that settled the New World which twofocus on the seven continent?

Spain and Portugal are the two major European countries that focused on exploring and settling territories across all seven continents during the Age of Exploration. They were able to establish colonies and trading posts in regions across Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

Name 4 non-communist countries in Western Europe?

All European countries are non-communist, so you merely need to list four Western European countries. Germany, Italy, France, and Ireland are such four.

What is a sentence using countries?

I will be visiting nine European countries in the space of four days. How many countries belong to NATO?

What four nations make up the European Nordic?

The European Nordic countries consists of the Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway) plus Finland and Iceland

What were the four European countries that explore?

Portugal, Spain, France, and Great Britain.

What are four major European fishing countries?

Iceland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark!

What are four Spanish place names still used today?

there are about two places, European countries and African countries.

For which European countries did Henry Hudson sail on his four voyages of discovery?

England and Holland