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They got better jobs than what they had before and after the war they were treated a little more equally.

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What were the gains made by women during World War 1?

They could do jobs they couldn't before

How did the gains of women and black Americans during world war 2 compare with gains made during the world war 1?

hey don't try to cheat from the A History of the United States book just do your work and get over it

What groups made significant economic gains during World War 2?

I, II, III, and V

During the 1800s women made some gains in the area of?

They made most gains in marriage and property owning laws

The gains made by American women during World War 1 are?

Increased support for women's right to vote.

What gains did minorities have when Reagan was president?

A: He gave amnesty to undocumented immigrants in 1986, but on the other hand he also made dubious remarks about "welfare queens".

Gains made by American women during world war 1 include?

increased support for women's right to vote. (YAHIGOTIT@YAHOO.)

What gains were made by American women during world war 1?

American women were thought of as more useful during World War 1. This is because they could sew and repair things that men couldn't.

During the 1960s and 1970s Asian Americans?

made economic gains but continued to face discrimination

How was japan attempting to expand its empire prior to World War 2?

Japan had made territorial gains during the Sino-Japanese War of 1894 & the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905.

How did African Americans participate in government during Reconstruction?

Made great gains by winning political office throughout the south

In what industries did the South make great gains after Reconstruction?

The South made great gains in the cotton industries.

Was there a specific gains to be made for Bunker Hill?


What percentage of London's population is made up of ethnic minorities?


What gains and losses had the Germans made by November 1942?

See related link below regarding German timeline of World War 2.

What civil rights gains were made in the 1940s?

Although most of the civil rights gains for African Americans occurred in the 1950s and 1960s, there were some notable wins during the 1940s. Namely, President Roosevelt addressed discrimination from employers towards African Americans.

What nation made the most vehicle during World War 2?

The USA made the most vehicles during WW2The USA made the most vehicles during WW2

The financial gain made in an economic transaction?

financial gains made in an economic transaction

Cons of recess?

Recess may end up breaking the morale of exercise. Recess may also make it hard to maintain the gains made during exercise.

Inventions made during world war 1?


Who made Big Bertha during world war 1?


Where were the cars made in during the world war 2?

car manufacture was suspended during war

What gains were made by women in the 1960's?

There have been a few gains by women since the 1960s. Most have been in the political and business worlds.

What singers made music during World War 1?


Who made the atomic bombs during World War 2?