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What were the ghettos like?


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July 04, 2010 12:51AM

the ghettos were horrific places where Nazis dumped Jew's; but not just Jews (which is commonly thought) but practically everyone who wasn't perfect (over exaggeration but....)

homosexuals, mentally or physically impaired, disabled, old, and Jews were put in the Ghettos. they were faced with terrible conditions where they were only fed an incredibly small fraction of what a human should eat to be healthy.

they were treated so badly, some died because of abuse, others died because of lack of nutrition or hygiene.

the ghettos were sort of a first step towards the death camps and the gassing.

incidentally, no one really cared about the people who were put in there; and if they did, they wouldn't say anything for fear that they would be put in there instead. as long as it wasn't them, they would deal with what was happening to others.

not that many people knew.

hope that helps a little; though I'm going on mostly memory but it IS right ... maybe just lacking some detail ^^


I wonder if you are confusing ghettos with concentration camps.