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What were the goals of the French Revolution?

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The Goals of the French Revolution were Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity.

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What were the stated goals in the slogan of the French Revolution?

The stated goals in the slogan of the French Revolution were liberty and equality, as well as fraternity. The French Revolution took place from 1789 to 1799.

Why was Marie Antoinette against the french revolution?

She would lose power and wealth if the French Revolution attained its goals.

How did the french revolution achieve its goals?

The French Revolution of 1789 propose taxation reformation. French Revolution gives birth to taxation deprivation, redistribution of property, taxation reformation.

Goals of the Haitian revolution?

The slaves demanded independence from the French.

What goals were included in the slogan of the French Revolution?

The French Revolution (1789-1793) attempted to establish a democratic government in place of the monarchy. Its goals were "Liberté, égalité, fraternité" (Liberty, equality, brotherhood).

What were the three goals of the french revolution?

In English: Liberty, Brotherhood, Equality.

What is the difference between french revolution and the Industrial Revolution?

many differences are present between the French and Industrial Revolution, there is also an adequate amount of differences. The industrial revolution had long term effects, with goals that changed and progressed while the French Revolution had short term effects with set goals that did not change. French revolution included the overthrow of the monarchy and creation of the republic, while the Industrial Revolution resulted in factories, the increased manufacturing of goods and a rise in technology. This shows the the goals and objectives of the French and Industrial Revolution are very diverse. The French Revolution was mostly associated with violence and was a war which broke out between different; from family wars to wars between government and citizens. On the contrary, the Industrial Revolution was a period that wasn't particularly related to war.

What action could accomplish all of the goals of the French Revolution?

writing a constitution

What goals did the french revolution fulfill?

Over throw ,Monarchy limited, and Middle class able to vote.

What four large nations were against the goals of the french revolution?

Austria,Prussia,Great Britain, and Russia

In what way did napoleon preserved the goals of the revolution?

Napoleon preserved the goals of the revolution by abolishing serfdom and feudalism in France, reformed education, centralized authority, and created the Napoleonic Code. His greatest contributions to the French Revolution would be providing Frenchmen equal rights, rights to education, and meritocracy.

Which came first the American Revolution or the French Revolution?

The American Revolution. The French Revolution was inspired by the American Revolution.

What was the tactic of the french revolution the major goal and were the goals successful please answer its for AP hw?

The French Revolution was to overthrow the aristocracy and create a republic. Yes, it was successful, the royal family were all killed, and France has been a republic ever since.

What do the French call their revolution?

The revolution of the French is simply referred to as the French Revolution. This revolution led to the writing of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen.

About 6 French philosophers of 1889 to 1899 French revolution?

hum french revolution? you mean 1789 revolution?

What country was the inspiration for the French Revolution?

The United States and the American Revolution heavily inspired the French and the French Revolution.

The French Revolution was it a war or a revolution?

The french revolution was more like a revolution as lt literary says.

Did the American Revolution come before the french revolution?

The American revolution came before the French revolution

What causes did the French Revolution and the American Revolution have in common?

What cause did the French revolution and the Americain revolution have in common are that both french and americain fought against the British. At the end of the Americain revolution the french joined a elite that ended the americain revolution but for the french the British had won

What was Edmund Burkes' philosophical position in relation to both the American and French Revolution?

American Revolution - for French Revolution - against American Revolution - for French Revolution - against

What are the similarities and differences between Haitian and French Revolution?

The Haitian Revolution was a slave revolution against their French Masters, The French Revolution was a grass roots revolution against the Monarchy.

When was the french revolution fought?

The French Revolution was fought in 1789.

In what country did the French Revolution take place?

Well, since the name of the FRENCH Revolution is the FRENCH Revolution, will you believe that the FRENCH Revolution took place in FRANCE? does that make sense? lol

The French Revolution differed from the American Revolution because?

Both wars were initiated by perceived injustices from the monarchies in question and inspired by Enlightenment ideas, and the French Revolution was, in large part, inspired by the American Revolution. (Ironically enough, the French absolute monarchy had helped finance the revolt of the American colonists against perceived monarchical excesses . . . and the debt thus incurred was part of the snowballing problems that led to the French Revolution.) The two wars differ in some key ways: -- The American Revolution was a revolt of colonies against an overseas king, while the French Revolution was a revolt of the lower classes within their own country. -- The goals of the American Revolution remained more or less the same from beginning to end, while the goals of the French Revolution changed, becoming more radical over time. -- The American Revolution resulted in two separate states which have essentially retained those forms of government since, while the French Revolution brought a succession of governments to France. The American Revolution was also not as violent as the French Revolution. French Revolutionaries (after storming the Bastille to start the Revolution) would execute any supporters of the king via the guillotine whereas American Revolutionaries were never violent persay towards Brits or supporters of the monarchy outside of warfare

In what sense was the French Revolution tied to the American Revolution?

ok i don't know why everyone calls the french and Indian war the french revolution cause there was a french revolution but the french revolution is differ from American revolution and french and Indian war was fought in new franceand the colonist moved there wanted freedom caused a war and french helped them defeat british

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