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The Depression did little to alter the role of women in the American workplace. According to the 1930 census almost eleven million women, or 24.3 percent of all women in the country, were gainfully employed. Three out of every ten of these working women were in domestic or personal service. Of professional women three-quarters were schoolteachers or nurses. The 1940 census did not post dramatic changes in the numbers of working women: thirteen million women, or 25.4 percent of all women over the age of fourteen, worked. The greatest numbers of women continued to work in domestic service, with clerical workers just behind. Out of every ten women workers in 1940, three were in clerical or sales work, two were in factories, two in domestic service, one was a professional-a teacher or a nurse-and one was a service worker. Women in the 1930s in fact entered the workforce at a rate twice that of men-primarily because employers were willing to hire them at reduced wages. In unionized industries, however, women fared better. Women constituted 7 percent of all workers in the automobile industry and 25 percent of all workers in the electrical industry. The integrated International Ladies Garment Workers Union had 200,000 members and secured for pressers in Harlem high wages of $45 to $50 per week. I'M SMARTER THAN YOU you copies that off of enotes smartie

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Did women work at jobs outside the home in the 1930s?

Yes, some women worked in limited jobs during the 1930s.

What were the taboos for women of the 1930s?

taboos for women in 1930s

What did women do in the 1930s?

there were no women

What steps did women take toward equality during the 1930s?

Young women fled into the growing industrial cities, seeking jobs and opportunity. These women discovered they could escape there.

What was education like in the 1930s?

for women it was okay because 3 of 10 went to college and 3 of 4 got good jobs

What were the most common jobs in the 1930s?


What jobs did blacks have during the 1930s?

they had farming

Why were the 1930s called the dirty thirties?

Because of no jobs

What kinds of jobs existed in the 1930s?

In the 1930s their was the great depression so many didn't have jobs but Lille today men worked construction worked for high businesses and so on but many woman did jobs such as typist, secretary, women were secretaries and typists and switchboard operators, they were teachers and nurses and librarians and social workers. There were some women doctors, though not as many as there are now. Women worked in journalism and in libraries. Women worked in factories and shops, and in restaurants and laundries. Large numbers of women worked in domestic service, especially black women, domestic work was the easiest kind for black women to get. Women were generally paid less than men for doing the same jobs. Sources my brain lol I'm 14 haha so I learned about this in history

How were american women treated in the 1930s?


How were women treated during the 1930s?


Did women wear jeans in the 1930s?

no. no they didnt.

What was the life expectancy for a women in the 1930s?

The life expectancy for a woman in the 1930s was about 70. This is not terribly different that what it is today.

What jobs did men do in the 1930s?

The kinds of jobs that men did in the 1930s often involved physical labor. Many times they worked on farms, in factories, or on construction projects such as those for buildings, roads, and bridges.

What was segregation in the south like in the 1930s?


What did most women wear in the 1930s that was casual?


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Did woman work in Britain in 1930s?

Women have always worked - running the home, raising children, etc. It's hard work, too. If you mean did women work outside the home in jobs for which they were paid, yes, they did. Teachers, doctors, lawyers, factory workers, cleaners, maids, cooks - all the jobs that women do today, although not in such great numbers as today.

What were women jobs in colonial South Carolina?

absolutely nothing besides farming and most of the house work!

What jobs did women in colonial women have as in house jobs?

the job of the women in house jobs is to clean the house ,wash dishes and do food

What were some jobs in the 1930s?

farming, engineering, law and medical fields.

How and why did people become migrant workers in the 1930s?

There were so few jobs to be had in the 1930s that people started moving frm town to town looking for temporary (often farming-related) jobs or permanent employment.

What jobs did women in Athens do?

Most likely women did not have jobs in Athens. Only in Sparta were women allowed to have jobs, most of were owning shops.

What was life like in America in the 1930s?

The 1930s was the Great Depression. Jobs were hard to find. Food was scarce because of the dustbowl. Banks were unstable.