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happy lives

2009-10-12 11:25:46
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Q: What were the lives of soldiers like in World War 2?
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What were the lives of the soldiers like?

The lives of all soldiers were absolutely horrible! In world war one soldiers used to live with rats!

Do Soldiers Like war?

Not really, they are the persons who lives are on the line.

How were soldiers in World War 1 brave?

Soldiers gave their lives to save others because they were brave.

How many soldiers lost their lives during world war 2?

during world war two there were an estimated 72 million lives lost of both axis and allied soldiers. 13 million civilians lost their lives, and 2 million lost their lives to the holocaust.

How many American soldiers lost their lives in world war 1?


How How many soldiers gave their lives during world war 1?

10 million

How many German soldiers lost their lives in World War 2?


How many Russian soldiers died during World War I?

During world war 1, many of the Russian soldiers lost their lives. It has been found that out of all the Russian soldiers, 1,700,000 men died due to the cruelty and powerful consequences of the war.

How many soldiers did the US lose in World War 1?

57,000 Americans lost there lives

What were the emotional feelings of Canadian soldiers when they were at war during World War 1?

Like all soldiers fear and boredom

What was life like for soldiers after World War 1?


What was life like in world war 1 as soldiers?


What was it like for soldiers during world war 1?


Is there a memorial to the soldiers where is it and what does it look like in World War II?


How many US soldiers lost their lives in World War 1 and II combined?


Name of World War I German Soldiers?

German soldiers during World War I were called "Huns" by the American soldiers. The Germans called their soldiers "The Bosch" during World War I.

What was a typical meal like for World War 1 soldiers?


What did world war 1 soldiers like about trenches?

because there is poalo in there

What war claimed the most lives of US soldiers?

The Civil War

What war was remembrance day started by?

world war 1 when thousands of soldiers sacrificed their lives for their country. hope this answers ur question! :)

Number of soldiers name written on India gate?

tribute to the 70,000 Indian soldiers who lost their lives during World War I, when they fought for the British Army

How many soldiers died in World War 1 and two?

In World War I about 9.7 million soldiers died. In World War II about 24 million soldiers died.

What did infantry soldiers do in World War 2?

Infantry soldiers were like the men who walked around on the ground with guns

What was life like for the soldiers in World War 1?

it was hard it was hard it was hard

What was World War I like for soldiers?

it was horrible the had to suck on each others penises