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Q: What were the long-range effects of the crusades?
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What were the early effects of the crusades?


What were lasting effects of the Crusades?


What were some of the effects of the crusades?

some of the affects were that the crusades were disliked by the people of England. they made people poor.

What were the positive effects of the crusades?

Tolerance for other people

What were the effects of not fighting in the crusades?

blah blah blah.

What were social effects of the crusades?

The social effects of the Crusades upon the social life of the Western nations were marked & important. The Crusades afforded an opportunity for romantic adventure. The Crusades were therefore one of the principal fostering influences of chivalry. Contact with the culture of the East provided a general refining influence.

What is the change and effects of the crusades?

some of the affects were that the crusades were disliked by the people of England.they made people poor. What_were_some_of_the_effects_of_the_crusades

What effects did the crusades have on the middle east and Europe?

the effect was war

What effects did the crusades leave?

The effects of the crusades were an increase in trade between Asia and Europe.Second,kings take power away from the popes.Third,tension grows inbetween the christians,muslims,and the jews.

What effects did the crusades have on Europe?

Crusaders brought back goods increasing trade.

What where the effects of the crusades?

Crusaders returned to Europe with additions to mathematics and the sciences.

What are 5 What are facts about the Crusades?

1. The crusades also gave rise to the important knightly orders, the Knights Templar, the Teutonic Knights and the Hospitaller 2. The effects of the Crusades on Europe of the Middle Ages were an important factor in the history of the progress of civilization. 3. The effects of the Crusades influenced the wealth and power of the Catholic Church, Political matters, commerce, feudalism, intellectual development, social effects, material effects and the effects of the crusades also prompted the famous Voyages of discovery. 4. The Objectives of the crusades was at first to release the Holy Land, in particular Jerusalem, from the Saracens, but in time was extended to seizing Spain from the Moors, the Slavs and Pagans from eastern Europe, and the islands of the Mediterranean. 5. The crusaders came from both the Upper and Lower classes. i hope this helps