The Crusades, Saladin, Richard the Lion Heart and the bitter struggle for control of Jerusalem and the Middle East, it's impact on society and it's ramifications on today's society

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Why are most swords shaped like a cross?

Actually, many swords are not shaped like a cross, but swords like scimitars and sabers are curved. As for straight swords, many are shaped like very elongated crosses. The hand-guard at the top, by the handle, is intended to keep your hand from sliding down the blade from sweat, injuring you, and it prevents the other man's blade from hitting your hand. The blade and handle make up the large part of the sword with the hand-guard near the handle end. The shape of a cross wasn't entirely intentional, it just happened to be the most convenient shape to mass-produce, while keeping the hands of the wielder safe.


What did cossacks do?

cossacks were these ppl from Russia that worked for the Czar and they would burn down Jewish houses and attack Jews in Russia. If you wanna learn more, read "land of hope" its a gud book. Like the Christians during the Crusades who also burn down Jewish houses and attacked Jews in all of Europe, yet that is not the entire story of the christians. This is not the entire history of the Cossacks. Read : The Cossacks by Maurice Hindus... and know the whole story of the Cossacks.


Which crusader king did salaudin ayubi defeat in 1191?

Saladin was defeated by Richard I (Richard the Lionheart) at the Battle of Arsuf, however Richard failed to take Jerusalem. The two men came to an agreement in the 1192, whereby Jerusalem would remain in Muslim hands but would be open to Christian


Why did England get involved in the crusades?

If you have played Medieval Total War:Crusades and listen to the story line its because the of religion. The pope wanted them to spread the word of Christianity accross the world and convert or destroy anyone who oposed.

The Middle East including Jerusalem was as Christian as Europe when the Roman Empire fell, and continued so until Islam arose in Arabia and invaded and conquered it, forcing the surviving Christians to convert to Islam or die, or pay oppressive taxes, depending on the policy of the Caliph (Moslem tyrant) of the moment. Once Moslem rule was consolidated by such means, most rulers (no doubt eager for their money) allowed European pilgrims into Jerusalem. Near the end of the 11th century, the Moslems turned intolerant again and oppressed pilgrims (e.g. enslaving them). At the same time the Seljuk Turks arrived from Central Asia, converted to Islam, and began ripping apart the Christian Byzantine Empire, e.g. massacring the Province of Armenia after the battle of Manzikert (Turkish genocide goes back that far). Byzantium appealed to Rome for help and the Pope called a Crusade. The Crusaders took Jerusalem BACK in 1099, along with bits of the Levantine littoral, like Antioch (once a major Christian patriarchate and still probably majority Christian), but did not advance further (as they might have), having little ambition for rule beyond the Holy Lands. Many observers have remarked over the centuries, that if only the Crusaders had been more imperialistic, their kingdom could have lasted longer. The Crusades had NOTHING to do with "spreading Christianity across the world" -- they didn't even know how big the world was -- the great age of Christian missions was still centuries in the future (after 1492), -- or with "converting or destroying anyone who opposed". The irony is that this moronic slander sounds more like Islam than Christianity -- although even there it would still be an exaggeration.

Prophet Muhammad

What did Muhammad wear?

clothes and shoes. No Luxury outfits because he was really modest.

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Great muslim leader?

Knita Kunickas and her son immigrant king

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What rhymes with crusader?

bader, fader, grader, lader, Nader, nadir, raider, seder, shader, spader, trader, wader, evader

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Who won the Battle of Arsuf?

It was a Crusader victory over Saladin on 7 September 1191.


Which was not an effect of the Crusades on Europe?

Muslim colonies in Scandinavia


What did the crusades and Marco polos adventures have in common?

both encouraged trade with the east

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What was the reason for the Third Crusade?

The Muslims took over Jerusalem in 1189, English, French, and the Holy Roman Empire's rulers set up a army, and did their thing.

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Was the Children's Crusade successful?



How did the crusades affect Europe's economy?

Crusades caused by the Christians have actually increased Europe's economical activity.

The reason is because the Pope has ordered all Christian men to join the army, and told them to raise money for the great Crusades. So, the economic status of the cities grew, and thus, resulted in economic boom.

(In destroyed towns and cities however, economic trend dropped, due to obvious reasons like being destroyed)


What is meant by a holy war?

A Holy War or jihad is a war fought over religious beliefs or places. Such as The Crusades, when Christians, Jews and Muslims fought over the Holy Land (modern day jerusalem, etc)

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What new products did Europeans find and bring home from the Crusades and where did these products originally come from?

Spices, pistachios, almonds, silks, and glass. As well as wheelbarrows, mirrors, rice, cotton cloth, and coffee

SupplementaryOranges from the port city of Jaffa.
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What did the crusaders eat?

they ate the food that they brought with from home and when that ran out they ate any bodies that they found or stole any food they could find from crops.

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What is an example of an abiotic factor?

Abiotic factors are non-living chemical and physical factors in the environment. They include the amount of sunlight, water, oxygen levels, and space available.
Things that aren't living, like rocks, sand or weather.


Why did the Crusades change relationships between Christians and other groups?

They got angry with each other and they felt like they were betrayed by each other .


What effect did the crusades have on trade?

The objects that the crusaders brought back from the crusade(s) were highly needed by the Europeans. This encouraged the trade, and also the use of money.

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What was the source of the ballads that were so popular during the medieval period?

Whats it to you. get a life and stop resuching about this f*cked sh*t ;)

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Did saladin have children?

Yes. Saladin had seventeen children.


What were Pope Urban's four main reasons to call for the Crusades?

Unprovoked Muslim aggression in the seventh century brought the Holy Land under Islamic control. The Christians who survived where subjected to a an unbelievable inferior class known as dhimmi. Their Churches were destroyed and they were subjected to extremely harsh conditions. They had been crying to Rome for help for centuries, but Europe was having its own problems with foreign invaders and Rome was unable to help until the eleventh century. Up until that time there were horrible reports of pilgrims being executed, some by crucifixion, and by the eleventh centuries, things had actually gotten much worse under a new Muslim dynasty. Pope Urban in 1095 finally called for a Crusade to liberate the surviving Christians from their centuries of oppression. The Crusades "were military expeditions organized by the peoples of Western Christendom, notably the Normans and the French, under the leadership of the Roman Popes, for the recovery of the Holy Places from their Muslim masters." - taken from Seven Lies About Catholic History by Diane Moczar.


What city was the final destination of the first crusade?

In 1095 Pope Urban II called upon the Christian nations in Central and Western Europe to embark upon an armed campaign or crusade, in order to incorporate the regions of the Levant (eastern Mediterranean) into Christian realms. In the following years, the european crusaders would capture Antioch and eventually Jerusalem, their final and ultimate goal.


Why did people go on the first crusade?

the Muslims had taken over Jerusalem and the Christians wanted it back so the pope called for a crusade. he said that if you fought and died you would go to heaven and that if you survived you would get to see the holy land.


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