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the political issues in the civil war was that the southerners wanted to spread slavery to the united states hence the was a difference in political ideology

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Q: What were the major political issues during the civil war?
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Controversial issues DURING the Civil War?

During the Civil War, the loss of life was a major issue as was the cost of the war. Another controversy involved the forced conscription of soldiers.

What major political issues were being addressed back in the US while troops were fighting in Vietnam?

Civil Rights movement, the draft, and the voting age.

What are major social and political issues in the United States?

Social issues would include: civil union, abortion stem cell research, and the death penalty. Political issues would include: the war on terrorism and foreign policy( as far as relations with Russia, the Mideast and Venezuela this has nothings on site

What are the major social issues of the 1970's?

Major social issues of the 1970's included the Cold War, and economic issues. Other major issues were civil wars in both Angola, and Ethiopia.

What major political events lead to lincolns death?

The Civil War.

What were some major issues during the renaissance?

Some major issues during the Renaissance included political conflicts among city-states and monarchs, religious tensions stemming from the Protestant Reformation, economic disparities leading to social unrest, and challenges to traditional beliefs and authority. These issues had profound effects on the development of art, literature, and society during this period.

What are three major issues in Africa?

The AIDS epidemic, starvation and civil unrest.

What major sporting events have been affected by political and financial issues?

The olympics in brazil

What was the major issues in the era of republicans in 1860-1932?

slavery, decentralized government, and everts leading up to the civil war

What were the economic social or political issues of the 1500s?

The Transatlantic trade was a major economic issue in the 1500s. The Protestant Reformation and Catholic Counter-Reformation were political issues, as they indirectly led to wars.

Who was little mac during the civil war?

Major General George B. McClellan was called "Little Mac" as well as "The Young Napoleon" during the US Civil War. The names were not always used with endearment, especially in the press and political circles at Washington, DC.

What is a Civil War general?

Someone who commanded the major armies during the Civil War