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Q: What were the methods and policies adopted by the German chancellor Otto von Bismarck?
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Similarities and differences between the methods adopted by patel and Bismarck in political integration of India and unification of Germany?


Were Bismarck's methods justified by his social reforms?


Bismarck methods were justified by his social reforms?


Do You Think Bismarck's methods were justified by his social reforms?


What are the characteristics of Stalinist Russia?

Industrial policies, agricultural policies, art/religion, education, control methods, and propoganda methods.

Why do you think Bismarck Methods were justified by his social reforms?

I would also like to know

What is the relationship of policies to strategies?

The relationship between policies and strategies is strong. Policies are the ideas and rules while strategies are methods to execute them.

Were Otto Von Bismarck's methods justified by his social reforms in Germany?

Bismarck was willing to do whatever it took to achieve unification. He was known to be a good leader, but dealt with his opposition harshly, earning him the title of "Tyrant." Bismarck's social reforms were pioneering, however, his methods of rule were separate and apart from his reforms. His reforms did not justify the extremes he used.

Similarities and differences between the methods adopted by sardar patel and Bismarck?

The disimilarities between Bismarck and patel are: bismark belived that the sheding of blood alone can unify the various states and adopted the famous policy called "Iron and Blood. Bismark used all his tactics to create a war that he wanted to win and create a unified Germany. But Patel used his tactics by providing many offers to the kingdoms that ruled in those times so that they thmselves became unified as India but when this did not work he to went on war. Bismark didnt think more of peaceful means. the similarities between them are that they both wanted their respective countries to be united!!

What are methods for adopting capital budgeting decision?

discuss the various methods adopted for a capital budgeting decision.

What methods did otto von Bismarck use to unite Germany?

Bismarck used diplomacy and the army his aim was to strengthen Prussia through the unification of the German states. Bismarck used diplomacy and the army his aim was to strengthen Prussia through the unification of the German states.

What were the four characteristics of a totalitarian state?

1. industrial policies 2. agricultural policies 3. art/religion 4. education 5. control methods 6. propaganda methods

What does procedural policies mean?

Logical Methods and Systems of how policy is implemented.

What were the differences between methods of Bismarck and Vallabhai Patel?

bismark used his tactful way of unifying but patel was not like that

What is project procurement?

this is the methods adopted by clients ing acquiring a building project.

What is another word for procedures?

Methods, strategies, formulas, layouts, policies, plans...

Definition of consistency principle in accounting?

This pinciple of consistency means conformity from period to period with unchanging policies and procedures. It means that accounting methods adopted shouldn't be changed from year to year. It helps to eliminate personal bias and helps to achieve in comparable results.

In what ways was racial discrimination reinforced by the federal governments actions and policies?

As African Americans exercised of their newly won poltical and social rights at this time, they faced hostile and often violent opposition from the whites. Southern states had adopted a broad system of legal policies of racial discrimination and devised methods to weaken African American political power

Discuss the relationship between objectives strategies and policies?

Objectives are the goals set out by an entity based on the policies that are already in existence. The strategies are the methods employed to carry out the objectives.

How did Ancient Rome invent plumbing?

The Romans did not invent plumbing. They adopted the plubming methods of the Greeks and improved on them.

What policies and methods did EEIC adopt to get trade concessions in India?

nothing they just used their brains thats all

What 3 cultural aspects did the Japanese borrow from china?

Japan adopted Confucianism as well as Chinese writing, political institutions, and agricultural methods.

What are the similarities and dissimilarities between the methods adopted by Otto Von Bismarck and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel?

As regards similarities between Bismarck and Patel, I have no specialized knowledge. Both of them used a 3-stage system for uniting their countries; 1) Invite Union, pointing out the advantages. 2) Take advantage of the fact of human nature that people who will not unite FOR anything will unite AGAINST something - Austria/France, or Britain/Pakistan. 3) By the time only a few states are left outside the Union, the Union will be strong enough to incorporate the rest by force.

What is the President's most important power?

The most important duty is to set goals for the nation and to develop policies, which are methods for reaching those goals.

What is the study of political economy?

Economics and government policies are related. The study of political economy applies the methods of economics to analyze how governments operate.