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What were the methods of torture used by Joseph Stalin?

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Joseph Stalin was the leader of Russia during World War II. He was a brutal dictator who was known for his heavy fist. He did not directly commit the torture, however, his secret police were known for carrying out his work.

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What tactic Joseph Stalin used to intimidate and punish his political opponents in the Soviet Union?

torture, imprisonment and then death

Joseph Stalin tactics?

Mr Joseph Stalin, used peruasion to appeal to the minority who spread to the majority.

What methods of torture were used by the ancient Egyptians?


What torture methods were used in the Vietnam War?

waterboarding and isobacraft....

What torture methods were in Vietnam used?

Watching Brokeback mountain

What methods were used for torture and execution in Tudor and Stuart times?

they used fannies

How did Joseph Stalin used communism as a lie?

because he did

Was Joseph Stalin nicknamed Koba?

Koba was a nickname for Joseph Stalin. It was a name used only by his closest associates. He also was called "Soso."

How did Joseph Stalin establish a totalitarian regime in the Soviet Union?

Joseph Stalin used intimidation, violence, murder, and propaganda to establish his totalitarian regime. Stalin ruled from 1922 to 1952.

Torture methods during the holocaust?

During the Holocaust, there were many horrible torture methods used by the Nazis that included cruel medical experiments. Whippings, freezing experiments, random beatings, and starvation were among torture treatments.

What methods of torture were used in ancient china?

the water torture is one of them. another one is cutting their tendons in a methodical way.

What methods of torture were used by the ancient Egyptians if someone did a wrong doing?

why did they get tortured

What are similarities between a Czar and Stalin?

they both ruled russia at some point, they both used torture methods, if u opposed them u wud b excecuted but u wud be specially rewarded if u did something like spyu for them or such.^^^^^^^^if you cant understand what ever this answer was read the "new and improved" answer below:)Answer: The Similarities between Stalin and a Czar ruler is that they both used torture as methods, but also had Secret Police. if they felt anything was against them they had that person or thing locked up or most of the time executed. They were also both worshiped as idol and were to be Held above others.The Differences between Stalin and a Czar ruler is that Stalin was Pro Communism and the Czar(s) were against Communism.

What are 4 methods of control used by totalitarian governments?

Soviet Union, under the rule of Joseph Stalin, practiced a totalitarian form of government. This kind of governing uses 4 methods of control, namely: police terror, indoctrination, censorship and persecution.

How did stalin use police terror to control russia?

Stalin used secret police and concentration camps to control Russia. Both Stalin and Nazi Germany used terror methods to keep their control.

How did Joseph Stalin transform the Soviet Union into a totalitarian state?

He used his power

Who rose to power in Russia and used force to empower his government?

Joseph Stalin

Which pair of leaders used political purges?

Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong

What are the weapons of totalitarianism that Joseph Stalin used?

police terror, and religious persecution

What techniques did Joseph Stalin use?

There are a number of techniques that Joseph Stalin used in his leadership. He was a Russian leaders who was known to be a totalitarian. He commonly used propaganda to manipulate the opinions of people who would end up despising the ruling government.

What were the methods used by Stalin to bring agriculture to state control?

The introduction of 'Collective farming' .

Who used underhanded tactics to take over power after Lenin's death?

Joseph Stalin

What were some methods Saddam Hussein used to kill his people?

Saddam Hussein used many methods to kill his own people. He would use torture methods to kill people, hangings, chemicals, and shootings.

What form of government did Joseph Stalin used?

Joseph Stalin's government was a left-wing government known specifically as a communist government.

Why did Joseph Stalin employ a command economy in his country?

Stalin used command economy to industralize russia because he felt behind other countries.

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