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Garrett Augustus Morgan had three(3) children. Their names were John, Cosmo, and Garrett Agustus Jr.

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Garrett Morgan jr.

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Q: What were the names of Garrett A Morgans sons?
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What is Garrett morgans sons names?

Inventor Garrett A. Morgan had three sons with Mary Anne Hassek, his second wife. His sons are named Garrett Augustus, Jr., John, and Cosmo.

What were the names of Garrett a Morgans kids?

Garrett Morgan jr.

What were Garret Morgans parents name?

What were garrett morgans parents names

What were Garrett morgans sisters names?

His mom Elizabeth reed Morgan dad Sydney Morgan wife marry Anne hassek and 6 brothers and 3 sons

What is Garrett mogans sons names?

one was cosmo, the other is Henry jr and Garrett Morgan jr

What is Garrett Morgans middle name?

Garrett Morgan's middle name was Augustus.

How many people were at Garrett Morgans funeral?


What was Garret Morgan's character?

what are garrett morgans character qualities

When did Garrett Morgan have his sons?

garrett morgan had three kids he had sons

What was garret morgan's character traits?

what are garrett morgans character qualities

What was Garrett Morgans first invention?

trafic light then 2 was a gass mask

What is Garrett morgans wiftes name?

His wife'S name is Mary Ann Hasseks !