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Joseph 'Little Joe' Cartwright played by Michael Landon.

Eric 'Hoss' Cartwright played by Dan Blocker.

Adam Cartwright played by Pernell Roberts. (He quit the show in 1965 and was not replaced).

Ben Cartwright had one adopted son also, Jamie.

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Three brothers, Adam, Hoss and Little Joe. Little Joe also have a half/brother.

The Ponderosa was in Nevada Territory in the TV show Bonanza.

The ranch ' Bonanza' was near Carson City.

On lacation in Califorinia and Nevada.

The Cartwright boys were: Ben "Pa", Adam, Hoss and Little Joe.

If you mean in the TV show Bonanza then there were originally three brothers. (Adam, Hoss, and Little Joe) In later seasons however, after Pernell Roberts quit the show, Ben adopts an orphan named Jamie, so there are technically four Cartwright brothers.

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Bonanza, the TV series, started in 1959

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