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Allies and Axis

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Q: What were the names of the opposing forces in World War 2?
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Names during World War 2?

the names of the two opposing forces were the allies and the axis. The axis was Germany, Italy, and japan. The allies were the united states, great Britain, France and the soviet union.

What were the names of the two opposing forces in the world during world war 2?

Allies - United States, France, Great Britain, Soviet Union, et al.Axis - Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan

What are the names of the sides of world war 1?

Allied forces and Central Forces

What opposing forces formed in china after the civil war?

Traditionalists against radical reformers.

A revolutionary war could be called a British civil war because?

the opposing forces were comprised of both nations' residents.

Who made up the two opposing forces in the French and Indian war?

The British and the French in North America

Was Corinth in the Persian War?

Yes, it sided withe the southern Greek forces opposing the Persian invasion.

What was the opposing side called in World War 2?

The Axis .

What were the names of the two groups who voiced opposing viewpoints regarding the war in Vietnam?

Hawks and Doves

Why did World War I becam a world war?

World War 1 became a world war basically from the beginning because both Britain and France brought their colonial troops to war with them. Indian, African, and Asian colonial forces fought in Europe and in their home countries against opposing forces. When the Ottoman Empire entered the war, all of the middle east became involved and fighting ranged from Egypt to Iraq. Additionaly, Canadian, New Zealand, and Australian troops fought for Britain from the beginning of the war.

Did flamethrowers advance during World War 1?

No, they were kind of insignificant. Since the fighting was done mostly in trenches, the opposing forces never really got close enough for a flamethrower to be useful.

What were Russia's opposing factions in world war 1?

Germany and Itlay