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The first seven were South Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Texas.

After the firing on Fort Sumter, and Lincoln's appeal for volunteer troops, four states of the Upper South joined them - North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas.

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Q: What were the names of the seven southern states that seceded from the US?
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Was the Confederate States of America formed by the seceded Southern states?

The Confederate States of America was formed in February 1861 by seven states which had seceded from the Union.

Who was president of the US when the southern states seceded from the union?

James Buchanan was president when seven Souther states seceded. Four more seceded after Abraham Lincoln took office.

What action did seven southern states take in order to protect their way of life?

The States seceded from the Union

What did CSA stand for in the US Civil War?

The Southern US states that seceded from the Union, formed a government called the Confederate States of America. The CSA first consisted of seven Southern states at the time of the attack on Fort Sumter. Shortly afterwards, eleven states had seceded.

When did the southern states sucede?

Seven Southern Confederate states seceded from the Union in 1860. The other four Southern states did likewise in 1861. These states were in favor of slavery, and believed Abraham Lincoln would try to bring an end to slavery, which he eventually did.

What was the name the 7 southern states the seceded from the union called themselves when they met in february 1861?

The seven Southern states called themselves the Confederate States of America. The Confederate States of America existed from 1861 to 1865.

Where did the seven states met after they seceded?

They met in charlestone :)

The secession of most of the states occurred in?

During the Civil War era in American history, the secession of most of the Southern states occurred from December 1860 to February 1861, when seven states seceded from the Union. Four more states seceded after formal hostilities broke out in early April 1861.

Which states secede from the civil war?

No states seceded from the Civil War. Seven states had seceded from the USA by the time of Fort Sumter, and four more seceded as a result of it. Later one new state, West Virginia, seceded from Virginia.

What was the reaction of the South when Abraham Lincoln was elected President?

Led by South Carolina, seven Southern states seceded from the union after Lincoln was elected and before he took office.

How many states had already seceded from the Union when President Abraham Lincoln took office?

When Lincoln won election to his first term, but before taking office, South Carolina seceded from the Union on 20 December 1860. This was followed in 1861 by ten other southern states. These eleven seceded southern states then formed their own government, the Confederate States of America (CSA).

What event happened before Virginia seceded from the union?

After the first seven states seceded, Lincoln called for 75,000 volunteers, and this provoked four more states (including Virginia) into seceding.