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What were the other resources that the french profited from?

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What two countries who profited from the fur trade were?

The English and the French

What is the natural resource that the French profited form most in New France?

no solution

How do you spell profited?


Why did they create the French colonys?

The French, as with many other nations, colonised other areas to increase their wealth, influence ad resources.

Who profited from slavery?

who profited most from the union of slavery and cotton production

Were the miners the only people who profited from the gold rush?

No, storekeepers that sold supplies to the miners profited. Saloon owners, restaurant owners, gold buyers, horse and mule traders, bankers, and hotel owners also profited. There were probably others who also profited.

What resources did France want in Africa?

what resources did the french want

What companies profited from the Gulf War?

You're kidding right? Every company that had some type of contract to supply the US military and civilian effort can be said to have profited from selling their product to support the, primarily military, operation. To attempt to compile a complete list of them here with this sites limited resources is impossible.

What are the resources of French Guiana?

it is unknown

Who profited from the gold rush why?

People selling goods to the miners profited most from the gold rush since they sold it for a high price.

How are capital resources different from other resources of production natural and human resources?

how are capital resources different from the other resources of production natural and human resources

How did resources from French colonies enrich France?

French colonies enriched France by?

Who profited from the gold rush?

the general merchandisers

What are some of the ways that Rome profited from its provinces?

it profited from its provinces because 1. the more cities the more taxes...$$$$$$$ 2. they were important buffer zones

Why are human resources important?

human resources are important because the development of other resources solely depends upon these resources as they have knowledge, skill and technology to develop other resources.

What are the natural resources of French Guiana?

gas is one

What does Italy produce with its natural resources?

french fries

How do you say intimate in french?

Intimeresources: translater

Why Was The Ohio valley Important to the French?

they needed it for resources

Which nation owned Missouri after the war?

From other resources, i read that the Spanish won Missouri, but later the french won it back and sold it to the americans

What did Al Capone do?

He was a mobster that profited from prohibition in the 1920s.

Who profited most from the gold rush?

The general merchandisers.

Who profited by the Vietnam War?

The Kennedys,the Rockefellers and LBJ

What did American Indians trade in return for manufactured goods?

its either furs and other resources,local knowledge and maps,arrows, spears, and axes.

What are 'managers'?

Managers are those who coordinate people and other resources to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization. Besides human resources (people), other resources would include material resources, financial resources, and informational resources.