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Gallipoli Campaign

What were the out comes of the Gallipoli campaign?



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Gallipoli was, on the whole, a flop. None of its military aims were accomplished, hundreds of thousands of lives were wasted, Bulgaria sided with Germany after Britain's failure and Russia could not get the support it needed so badly, leaving it to descend into revolution. However, there were some unintentional benefits, that were not part of the original plan, but happened by accident. The evacuation was one of the greatest successes in the war, as all the remaining troops were shipped out without the Turks knowing; the Turks were now weakened enough for Britain to take over the Ottoman Empire after the war; Britsh submarines managed to get past the dense minefields in the Dardanelles, destroying most of the Turkish fleet and the campaign diverted the Turks from the Middle East, letting Col. Lawrence win the war in Arabia. It also served as an experiment, and the idea of the landings was later perfected for the D-Day landings and for the Falkland War. Gallipoli pointed out how landings should not be done, so it was only a small matter of revising the plan for it to have successes later on.