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The area of Whitechapel and adjacent districts of London.

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When did Jack the Ripper kill Mary Ann Nichols?

She was the first canonical victims killed by Jack the ripper on 31st August 1888.

How did ripper kill?

If you mean Jack the Ripper, he killed his victims with a knife, cutting the throats of women and then cutting out vital organs.

Did Jack the Ripper kill from 1988 until 1990?

No. He killed five victims in 1888

What years was the Jack The Ripper killings?

There is debate on which victims were killed by the unknown person called Jack The Ripper. Until victimology is certain it is impossible to tell when they started and when they ended.

How many women got killed by Jack the Ripper?

It is generally accepted today that Jack the Ripper had five victims. But the Whitechapel Murders File, under the generic heading of which the Jack the Ripper murders are included, actually has eleven murders on it.

What did 'ripper' mean?

Jack the Ripper, sliced his victims open and removed some of the their internal organs, he literally 'ripped' his victims apart.

Who were the victims of Jack the Ripper and what were they like?

I posted the most complete website on Jack the Ripper in the related links box below. When you click that, you will transported to the victims page.

What weapon did Jack The Ripper use to murder people?

Without exception, Jack The Ripper killed his victims with a knife, first cutting their throats making it impossible for them to scream. They were then stabbed repeatedly, mutilated and disemboweled.

What sort of women did Jack the Ripper kill?

Jack the ripper only killed prostitutes

Why did they call jack the ripper jack the ripper?

He was brutal and ripped open the women he killed.

What was similar between jack the ripper murders?

All The victims were killed by Jack's hand by strangulation with his hands and second to that they were mutilitated by knife.

How was Jack the Ripper killed?

Jack The Ripper was never caught so we don't know how he died.

Did Jack the Ripper eat his victims?

No, but he did sometimes perform surgery and remove body parts of his victims.

Why did jack the ripper kill his victims?

I believe he killed them since he thought prostitutes were all unholy and it was his twisted way of fulfilling his religious beliefs.

Important dates for Jack the Ripper?

The Jack the Ripper deaths occurred in 1888. There is some uncertainty about which murder victims at the time died at the hands of Jack the Ripper, but he is thought to have killed at least three women: Mary Ann Nichols (31st August), Annie Chapman (8 September) and Catherine Eddowes (30 September).

How did Jack The Ripper kill Mary Kelly?

The same way he killed all his victims. All had their throats cut and then mutilated, sometimes taking organs with him.

Who was the first person that got killed by Jack the Ripper?

The first victim of Jack The Ripper is Mary Ann Nichols.

What were the dates that Jack the Ripper killed his victims?

There are five victims that have historically been "generally accepted" as victims of Jack the Ripper. These five are often refered to as the "canonical" victims. Mary Ann Nichols 31 August 1888, Annie Chapman 8 Sept. 1888, Elizabeth Stride 30 Sept. 1888, Catherine Eddowes 30 Sept. 1888 and Mary Jane Kelly 9 November 1888.

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