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Slavery was not very well liked in the north but in the south most families owned at least 1 or more slaves.

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What sparked the civil war between the north and south?

Slavery and political differences between them.

What were the political Issues during the American Civil War?


What were the major political issues during the civil war?

the political issues in the civil war was that the southerners wanted to spread slavery to the united states hence the was a difference in political ideology

What political and economic changes occurred during the Civil War?

When the south and north were fighting for freedom in the civil war

Who are some famous political men during the civil war?

there were a lot of famous people of the civil war John Brown and more

What political similarities did the north and south have during the civil war?

they both have taxes

Who is the political leader for the southern states during the civil war?

Jefferson Davis

What were the differences between the south and the north ideologies pre civil war?

One of the obvious differences between the North and the South during the U.S. Civil War was that the North was anti-slavery and the South was pro-slavery.

What were the political strategies of the North and the South during the Civil War?

The political strategy was to stop the European nations from recognizing the Confederacy.

What was the name of the political faction of northerners who sympathized with the south during the civil war?

Anti-war Democrats ('Copperheads')

Was the English Civil War a religious or a political war?

It was mostly political.

What was the North's political strategy during the Civil War?

I freaking hate social studies projects!

Northern Politics during the Civil War?

well the political reason for the north is to perserve the union...

How would you explain the difference between civil and political rights?

civil war was a war and political rights are rights

What political party lost favor during the Civil war but returned to power during the great depression?

Democratic Party

What differences between the north and south during slavery before the civil war?

coz the south side is awsome

Who was the political opponent of Abraham Lincoln?

Stephen Douglas i believe. Then during the Civil War, George McClellan.

Who was the political leader of the northern states during the civil war?

Abraham Lincoln, the US president at the time.

Did the Civil War have a draft?

yes, the civil war had a draft during the civil war

Which political group was in control of Russia by the end of the Russian Civil War?

The Bolsheviks.

Who were Jackson and Johnston during the Civil War?

they were two generals during the civil war

Who is president during the Civil War?

Abraham Lincoln was the president during the civil war.

Was the emancipation proclamation written before during or after the civil war?

During the Civil War.

What were the key events during the civil war?

what are the key events during the civil war

Who were the political leaders during the civil war?

The Union president was Abraham Lincoln. The Confederate President was Jefferson Davis.

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