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Which came first the American Revolution or the French Revolution

Why do they speak French in Vietnam

Who was united kingdom's enemies during World War 2

What role did nationalism play in changing political ideologies in France

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Q: What were the political motives behind Otto von Bismarck social reforms?
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What were three motives behind the European race for colonies?

the three motives of the European race is 1) economic 2) social/ religion 3) political/ military

What are 3 motives behind the European race for colonies?

to change the economic, political, and social forces of peoples lives.

Name three motives behind the European race for colonies?

Name three motives behind the European race for colonies

What was the motives behind the First Crusade?


Who was behind the deception point?

William Pickering was behind the Deception because he had ulterior motives and wanted to destroy the Senator's campaign.

Who was behind every major prussian war?

The Prussian Chancellor of the time, Otto Von Bismarck.

What were the motives behind the annexation of the Philippines?

Some of the motives for annexation are: for a city to get bigger, to expand their tax bases, to get more people, to control development and receive federal grants

What were the motives behind the global scramble for colonies?

Raw materials, control over colonies, & wealth.

What was important motives behind post-Civil War American imperialism?

The quest for new farmlands

Can a 5 page minimum research paper be written about Hitler's motives behind the Holocaust?

You could write a research paper so big it'd fill a bookcase on Hitler's motives behind the Holocaust, if you wanted. So five pages is definitely doable.

What were the motives behind the Protestant Reformation?

Henry VIII wanted to remarry- there were no religious motive for england to to align itself with the protestant rebolt against the pope and rome, but henry VIII had personal and political motives because he needed a wife who could produce a male heir, so he needed to remarry which was something the catholic church would not let him do.

What were the motives behind the London blitz?

The Germans were trying to obtain air superiority in order to invade England.

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