Decade - 1920s
Energy and Sports Drinks

What were the popular sports drinks used in the 1920s?


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Kool aid, coca cola,lemonade

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You should drink sports drinks after working out. They are often used by athletes to keep hydrated while participating in sports events.

Some popular drinks used in cocktails include vodka, tequila, rum, gin and martini. Non-alcoholic drinks which are popular include orange and pineapple juice.

cause they can and they just want to get people high

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Used as a culinary spice when cooking Asian and Jamaican dishes, also used in popular drinks, ginger beer and ginger ale.

alot of sugar and salt because when you work out you sweat. When you sweat you lose the water,sugar and salts in your body.

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Soft drinks being bad for you is a very popular myth, they are actually no worse than other drinks like apple juice. As with everything it is the amount consumed that makes the difference. That being said, high fructose corn syrup used in soft drinks is not as healthy as the natural sugars in juices.

They did, and women used a lot of it.

although herbs can be used to flavour alcoholic drinks they (herbs) are deffinately not alcoholic drinks.

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Carbon-di-oxide is used in cold drinks and fizzy drinks to give it a bubbly nature. It also gives an artificial feeling of bloated or filled stomach after consuming these drinks.

No they are not used in energy drinks because i like normal drinks like orange name is josh walker and i love boys

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. Products in this category encompass all flavors and are used as after-dinner drinks, aperitifs, components of classic cocktails or popular shooters, or flavorful enhancements to foods.

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No aerated drinks contain carbon di oxide.

The acidity gives soft drinks the sort of "bite" they have.

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