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Q: What were the purpose of setting up the public works administration and the works progress administration?
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What was the public works administration purpose?

to be awesome and have a head

What was purpose the of public works administration?

to be awesome and have a head

What purpose of the Public Works Administration?

to be awesome and have a head

What was created to build public places and gave on-the-job training?

Works Progress Administration

What recreational facilies was built by Public Works Administration and Works Progress Administration?

schools, courthouses, city halls, public-health facilities, and roads, bridges, dams, and subways

When was Works Progress Administration created?

Well, the PWA was actually a RECOVERY agency, and it was created to hire workers for thousands of public works projects such as bulding the Grand Coulee Dam and Los Angeles. It started around 1934 and went until 1941.

What was the work progress administration's goal?

The Works Progress Administration (WPA) was established during the Great Depression to create jobs for unemployed individuals. Its goal was to provide relief to those struggling during the economic crisis by employing people in various public works projects, including the construction of roads, bridges, and public buildings.

What did the works Progress's administration provide?

The Works Progress Administration (WPA) provided employment for millions of Americans during the Great Depression by funding public works projects such as building roads, bridges, and public buildings. It also supported the arts, hiring artists, writers, and musicians to create works that reflected American culture and history.

What is the role of public administration in developing countries?

In developing countries, the role of public administration is to provide information and services to the citizens. A good administration allows everyone to voice their questions and suggestions, and sets the goal of making sure everyone has the opportunity reap the benefits as things progress, including the poor.

What is an example of the works progress administration?

One result of the Work Progress Administration is that many people were gainfully employed towards the end of the Great Depression. The WPA is responsible for building some of the first paved highways in the United States. They also built bridges and many public buildings.

What are the definitions of Comparative Public Administration?

comparative public administration mean the administration of public sectors.

Compare and contrast contract administration in the public and privite sectors?

public scrutiny in public administration while there is no public observation in private administration