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To set up a new, more modern government to match with the ongoing advances in technology.

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Q: What were the purposes of the 1970 Illinois Constitution?
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When was the present Illinois constitution ratified?

The present Illinois Constitution was ratified in 1970.

When was the first Illinois constitution written and adopted?

The first Illinois Constitution was adopted on August 26, 1818.

The Illinois constitution now in effect was the adopted in?


What are the main parts of the Illinois Constitution called?

The main parts of the Illinois constitution are referred to as articles. The current version of the state's constitution was adopted in 1970.

How many constitution has Illinois had?

There have been 4 Illinois constitutions. The first, adopted in 1818 when Illinois was admitted to the Union, followed by constitutions ratified in 1848, 1870, and 1970 which is the current constitution.

In what year did the present Illinois Constitution go into effect?


When was the current Illinois constitution adopted?

The current Illinois Constitution was adopted on December 15, 1970. It replaced the previous constitution that had been in place since 1870.

Did Illinois has had four constitutions?

Illinois had four constitution's. The first in 1818, second, in 1848, third constitution was made in 1869 and the last constitution was made and finalized in 1970

Our current Illinois Constitution now is very young; it was adopted in _____________.?


What was the purpose of the 1970 Illinois constitution?

The people of the state of Illinois, through the Illinois Constitution of 1970, created a governmental structure to manage the public activities of the state. The primary purpose of the constitution is to transfer governing power from the people to the government.

Who is Illinois state auditor?

The title does not exist in Illinois but the duties of the Auditor of Public Accounts under the old Illinois Constitution were shifted in the 1970 Constitution to the Illinois Comptroller. The current Illinois Comptroller is Daniel W. Hynes.

What is the supreme law of Illinois?

The supreme law of Illinois is the US Constitution followed by the Illinois state constitution.