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When the men of the country came home from war they were surprised to see so many women contributing to the work force and with such enthusiasm. Men would've also felt a bit challenged by the women and their efforts to keep the countries economy going while war had taken place. i think most men would have been surprised at women's efforts. Some men would have probably felt a bit challenged and all to happy to send the women back to the jobs of housewife while others would have been happy and pleased. The womens land army contributed a lot indirectly to the war by taking over the mens jobs so that the men could fight and because there was a shortage of men because they were at war. The women would have had been a lot more active on the workforce after the war ended. Gemma

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Australian womens shot put record?

Ruth Frith, from Brisbane, is the oldest female athlete at the World Masters Games in Sydney. At the age of 100, she broke the Australian world record in the shot put with a 13-foot 4.2 inch throw.

Was the US involvement in World War I justified why or why not?

Was the US involvement in World War 1 justified why or why not?

Who won the womens World Cup in 2008?

The womens world cup was held in China in 2007 and not 2008.

Is the womens 2011 World Cup played on?

Yes there was a womens world cup in 2011, and Japan won it.

Where will the 2015 Womens' World Cup be held?

The 2015 Womens' World Cup will be held in Canada.

How did womens rights move around the world?

world war 2 gave a turn when womens rights were established

Which country won the womens football world cup in 2003?

The 2003 womens world cup was won by the U.S.A.

Who won the 2010 womens World Cup?

The last FIFA womens world cup was in 2007 when Germany beat Brazil 2-0, the next FIFA womens world cup will be played in 2011.

What was Australia's involvement in Gallipoli?

Gallipoli, a military action of the First World War, saw for the first time the unification of Australian and New Zealand troops into a force that would come to be called the ANZAC (the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) brigades.

How did Amelia change the world?

she changed the world of womens

Should a person list his involvement in Planned Parenthood on a GirlsInc application?

Considering Planned Parenthood provide safe health care for women, free contraceptives and help saving womens and childrens life around the world YES!

What places in the world did Australian soldiers fight in World War 2?

Australia in world war 2Australian soldiers generally fought in the pacific campaigns but they also had involvement in the African campaign in Egypt and Libya as well as the Italian campaign but by for the pacific campaign was were most Australian soldiers were fighting a lot of the time they fought alongside British and other commonwealth forces. the New Zealand soldiers fought with the Australians often to form ANZAC.

What were Womens Role in World War 1?

womens roles were to heal th wounded and to kep them stron

How did lenin feel about russian involvement in world war 1?

Vladimir Lenin was against the involvement of Russia in world war 1. this made him enter into a treaty with central powers to end the involvement of Russia in the war.

What was the US involvement in World War one?

The main sparks of the United States involvement in World War 1 was the assasination of the Archduke and the sinking of the Lusitania.

When was the first FIFA womens world cup held?

The first F.i.F.A womens w3orld cup was held in 1991.

What involvement did France have in world war 1?

Major involvement along Great Britain and (later) United States

What was women's involvement in World War 2?

At the start of world war two women were conscripted into war work. Alot of women worked in the munition factories others worked in the land army producing crops. W.A.A.F (womens auxiliary air force) which had over 180,000 members in the war.

Who won the womens World Cup 2011?

The ladies 2o11 world cup was won by Japan . This was Japans first world cup , and it was a first time a Asian country won the world cup, in men or womens world cup.

What were the reasons behind Australia's involvement in world war 2?

Reasons for Australia's InvolvementAustralia was a colony of Great Britain.

What military roles did Australian women have in World War 2?

Women worked in the aircraft and ship building industries doing mechanical and maintenance work. 40 per cent of the work force in munition factories were made up by women. Some women went to work on the battlefields as nurses. Women took part in the auxilliary Services which were basically organizations during war time that took over male jobs. Some examples of the organizations are the Womens Land ARmy, Womens Royal Australian NAval Service and the WOmen's Australian Air Force.

Who holds the womens world record for the 800 meter freestyle?

The womens 800 meter world record is 8:16.22 by Janet Evans (USA) Aug 20, 1989.

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