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Q: What were the reasons or causes the Axis Powers started World War 2?
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What were the Central Powers reasons for World War 2?

The Central Powers fought in WW1. The Axis Powers fought in WW2.

What started world war 2 and what were the causes?


What were reasons why Germany entered world war 2?

they started it

Before world war 1 what were the allied powers called?

The Allied powers were called " Triple Entente " before the war started.

What two sides has the world split into by the middle of the 1930s?

It was closer to the late 1930s when the real divisions started, as World War 2 officially started in 1930. The sides were the Allied Powers and the Axis Powers. The Allied Powers fought on the side of the British, who were trying to stop the Axis Powers. The Axis powers fought on the sides of Japan and Germany, who were trying to dominate sections of the world, as well as commit genocide on a large scale.

Why is there so many killings in the world?

The reasons are mainly greed and the want of power by religious and economic powers.

What are the min reasons why world war 1 start?

the min reasons why th war started is because they killed a president and wanted land the min reasons why th war started is because they killed a president and wanted land

Why were the central powers and the allied powers fighting against each other in World War I?

It all started because of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. This caused a ruckus and World War 1 began.

What is causing world hunger?

There are many causes for world hunger. Some common reasons are famine, poverty, and food shortages.

How World War I become a world war?

World War 1 became a world war when the Allies and the Central powers started to invaded colonies in the world especially in Africa

Why isnt kurdistan on the map?

Many places in the world have had name changes due to change in political powers or other reasons.

How did Gregory I increase the political power of the pope?

Gregory I increased the political power of the pope by expanding his powers. He started to become more involved with the secular powers in the political world.

What was the main causes of dictatorship after World War 1?

The assassination of Ferdinand light the fuse that started World War One

Map of World War I Allies and Central Powers 1814?

The allied powers were Great Britian, Italy, Japan, U.S., and France. The Central powers were Germany, Austria-Hungary, and The Ottoman (Turkish) Empire. World War 1 also known as the great war started in 1914!

Did World War 2 start because of religious reasons?

It didn't. It started because Hitler wanted an all white world and him as the ruler

Why was the cold war a world wide affair?

Because the US and the USSR were world powers. World powers are called world powers because they EFFECT the world.

Why did the axis powers fight in world war 2?

The Axis power were in WW2 after Hitler, the leader of the Nazi party and the at the time leader of German decided to attack Poland which also started World War 2. German was part of the axis powers and therefore the Axis powers joined the war.

Was World War I the result of longstanding rivalries between the great powers?

Yes, it was. World War 2 was just an offspring from World War 1; meaning that World War 2 started because of all the unjustice that was done to the Central Powers during the Treay of Versailles and the league of nations.

Who was archduke francis ferdinad?

he was the archduke that got killed.....this was one of the biggest reasons world war 1 started

What other reasons why World War 2 started?

The most simple reason of all: Good VS. Evil.

Who were the world greatest powers in world war 1?

The world powers were Germany and Britain

What causes started the World War 1?

The Assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his wife Sophie Ferdinand

What powers were in World War 2?

The Allied Powers, Axis powers, and the Neutral Powers

What is the 3 main members of the allied powers in World War I?

The 3 main members of the allied powers in world war 1 were Great Britan, the U.S., and I belive Russia, (although they backed out during the Bulshivick Revolution which started the USSR.) They were fighting the Axis Powers, which mainly consisted of Germany and Austrai - Hungry

Who drew up the World War 1 peace treaty?

The Allied Powers of World War I drew up the treaty. This treaty was the Main reason that WWI was started as well.