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They were fighting about slavery.

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23000 people died on the bloodiest day of fighting during the civil war?

The Battle of Antietam was the bloodiest day of fighting during the Civil War. It had a total of 23,000 casualties on both sides.

Where did most of the fighting occur during the civil war?

Most of the fighting during the civil war was in the Confederate States. Especially in Virginia.

Who was fighting in the civil war?

The South and the North sides of the US.

Describe three hardships faced by soldiers during the civil war?

Three hardships faced by soldiers during the civil war were hunger, heat, and cold. These hardships had to be endured by soldiers fighting on both sides of the war.

Did people swap sides during the English Civil War?

People very rarely changed sides during the English Civil War.

Who were the sides that were fighting in the civil war?

The North, Union, and the South, Confederates.

Who was fighting during the civil war?

The Confederates and The Union

What two sides are fighting in Libya's civil war?

Gadaffi's supporters (the government) and the rebels.

Who did the native American support during the civil war?

They supported both sides during the war

When did most US soldiers die?

The most US soldiers died during the American Civil War. That is because Americans were fighting on both sides.

What political and economic changes occurred during the Civil War?

When the south and north were fighting for freedom in the civil war

Fighting conditions for the Civil War?

what were the fighting conditions of the civil war

What were the two opposing sides during the US Civil Wars?

the two sides during the US civil war were the union (North) and the confederacy (south)

Why was there so much fighting in kansas during the civil war?

For the most part there were no major battles fought in Kansas during the US Civil War.

Where was the first black unit in the Revolutionary War?

There were no entire black units until the civil war. Although there were african-american slaves fighting along sides with their masters during battle.

What is Civil War?

A civil war is where the opposing sides belong to the same country or region, as opposed to fighting a foreign country. A war fought between people from the same country: e.g the English civil war

Were cars used during the civil war?

They would have been used extensively by both sides IF cars had been in existence during the civil war.

Where was the bloodiest civil war battle fought during the American civil war?

Gettysburg. And the bloodiest single day of fighting was at Antietam.

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