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The North, Union, and the South, Confederates.

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Q: Who were the sides that were fighting in the civil war?
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What were the sides fighting about during the civil war?

They were fighting about slavery.

Who was fighting in the civil war?

The South and the North sides of the US.

What two sides are fighting in Libya's civil war?

Gadaffi's supporters (the government) and the rebels.

How many account were there of brothers fighting on opposite sides in the civil war?


Fighting conditions for the Civil War?

what were the fighting conditions of the civil war

23000 people died on the bloodiest day of fighting during the civil war?

The Battle of Antietam was the bloodiest day of fighting during the Civil War. It had a total of 23,000 casualties on both sides.

What is Civil War?

A civil war is where the opposing sides belong to the same country or region, as opposed to fighting a foreign country. A war fought between people from the same country: e.g the English civil war

What were the two sides in the American Civil War fighting about?

the union wanted to stop slavery and the confederates ddidn't

How does the civil war show good citizenship?

Both sides felt they were fighting for the better of their countries. They were fighting for what they felt was right. Therefore, they were loyal.

How is the Civil War civil?

Well, its not called the civil war because the fighting was civil ut because the country was fighting its self

How might both sides believe that they were fighting for a just cause in the civil war?

Because they wanted to bring peace

What was the two sides fighting for in the Civil War?

Union fought to free slaves, Confederate fought to stay slave states.

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