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The Black Death came in three forms, the bubonic, pneumonic, and septicemic. Each different form of plague killed people in a vicious way. All forms were caused by a bacterium called Yersinia pestis.

The Bubonic Plague was the most commonly seen form of the Black Death. The mortality rate was 30-75%. The symptoms were enlarged and inflamed lymph nodes (around arm pits, neck and groin). The term 'bubonic' refers to the characteristic bubo or enlarged lymphatic gland. Victims were subject to headaches, nausea, aching joints, fever of 101-105 degrees, vomiting, and a general feeling of illness. Symptoms took from 1-7 days to appear.

The pneumonic plague was the second most commonly seen form of the Black Death. The pneumonic and the septicemic plague were probably seen less then the bubonic plague because the victims often died before they could reach other places (this was caused by the inefficiency of transportation). The mortality rate for the pneumonic plague was 90-95% (if treated today the mortality rate would be 5-10%). The pneumonic plague infected the lungs. Symptoms included slimy sputum tinted with blood. Sputum is saliva mixed with mucus exerted from the respiratory system. As the disease progressed, the sputum became free flowing and bright red. Symptoms took 1-7 days to appear.

The septicemic plague was the most rare form of all. The mortality was close to 100% (even today there is no treatment). Symptoms were a high fever and skin turning deep shades of purple due to DIC (disseminated intravascular coagulation). According to Dr. Matt Luther, Vanderbilt University Medical Center "The plague often caused DIC in severe forms, and DIC can be fatal. In its most deadly form DIC can cause a victims skin to turn dark purple. The black death got its name from the deep purple, almost black discoloration." Victims usually died the same day symptoms appeared.

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Q: What were the symptoms of Black Death?
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How did the symptoms spread in the black death?

Black Death was spread by rats. Symptoms were bloody vomit fever and tumors.

What were the beginning symptoms of the black death?


What where the three symtoms in the black death?

Black death had similar symptoms to plague. Fever and flue like symptoms with sever damage. Tumor, fever blood vomit.

What are some symptoms of black death?

black death has many symptoms. Such as bloody vomit fever and tumors.

What are three symptoms of the black plague?

The black plague or black death was another deadly outbreak. The symptoms included fever, pain, and the inability to keep food down.

The horrible symptoms of the black death are caused by what organism?

the oriental rat flea b had caused black death

What were the cause and effect of the Black Death?

Black Death was caused by Yersinia pestis bacterium. Symptoms bloody vomit fever and tumors.

What symptoms were associated with this disease black death?

Some of the symptoms were as follows. Bloody vomit fever and tumors.

Where the symptoms of the Black Death disease?

Black Death had bloody vomit fever and tumors. Most people will die within weeks.

What is the structure of the black death?

Black Death spread via rats and fleas. Symptoms were bloody vomit fever and tumors followed by death.

Step by step What effects did the Black Death do to people?

Black Death was spread by Yersinia pestis bacterium. Symptoms bloody vomit fever and tumors followed with death.

Time period of the black death symptoms?

The Black Death was an outbreak of the bubonic plague that spread through Europe in the period of 1347 to 1352.

What should you do if you have the symptoms for black death?

Get antibiotic treatment as soon as possible.

Why is the black death called 'black death'?

One of the main symptoms was bleeding under the skin, this blood as it clotted turned black, resulting in corpses that were largely black. Thus BLACK death.

How were children affected by the plague?

many children were killed due to Black Death. Children were very likely to pick Black Death and show symptoms.

What symptoms did people have in the black death?

they had a high fever, vomiting and black buboes. hence the name bubonic plauge

What was the sickness that cause death to a fourth of Europe?

The black death! or bubonic plague symptoms were buboes fever rashes and nausea

How does the plague attacks and spreads through the body?

Black Death Plague was very deadly. Symptoms were bloody vomit fever and tumors.and death.

Symptoms of death with acute leukemia?

symptoms you will have before death with acute leukemia

How you can prevent the black death?

Sanitation and proper hygiene. Also if you find the symptoms contact a doctor asap.

What is one symptom of the plague?

black death was very deadly. symptoms bloody vomit fever and tumors.

Why did people die from the black death?

because they got infected by people that had the diease There are different versions of the plague a good source of information can be found on the related link (Death Defined Black Death Causes and Symptoms) below.

What are the symptoms of the black death in order?

coughing,soreness, failing organs, black spots, lumps called buboes, bad breath,throat swelling

What happens if you catch the plague?

Black Death Plague was very deadly. Symptoms are bloody vomit fever and tumors.

How was the people's living condition in the medieval period that caused the black death?

The disease was called the Black Death because one of the symptoms produced a blackening of the skin around the swellings. The spread of the Black Death followed all of the Trade Routes to every country no matter the condition of each indivual.