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* Ghettoization * Being treated as slave labourers * Extermination

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What three things do plants use during photosynthesis?

Sunlight, water and carbon dioxide are three things that plants use during photosynthesis.

What are three things people might do during a controversy?

They might get angry/frustrated, get nervous and panic, or stay calm and work through it.

What three things do plants do during photosynthesis?

it will be sunlight

The three things that enter the plant during photosynthesis are?

The three things that enter a plant during photosynthesis are water, carbon dioxide, and sun light. The plant then produces oxygen and glucose.

What were three things that wendi did during the sui dynasty?

three things that wendi did during the sui dynasty are brought back old political traditions, reduce conflict, and began public work project.

What are three things a person must do during an earthquake to stay safe?

there are more than 3 things

What were three other things that were rationed during world war 2?

Meat, eggs, butter, fats, nylons and silk stockings, shoes, tires, gasoline,

What are the three things the new world sent to the old world?

Peanuts, Potatos and tobacco

What are three things john Adams did during the revolutionary war?

Friends For Change

What three things are made during cellurlar respiration?

glucose water and oxygen

What are three things that happend to slaves during their first year in America?


The big three?

The Big Three During World War II are Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin.

Which three nations were US enemies during World War 2?

During World War Two the USA. was at war with many countries, but the main three were Japan, Nazi Germany, and Italy.

What are three things Greece gave the world?

sports, wine, coins

What is the ending to the book A Wrinkle in Time?

Meg's realization comes through her recalling a Biblical verse that "God has chosen the foolish things of this world to shame the wise and the weak things of the world to shame the strong." Charles Wallace is freed, and the three Murrys and Calvin return home.

What three things occur in the nucleus during prophase?

Prophase Anaphase Metaphase Telophase

Three good things Jimmy Carter did during presidency?

he created the department of energy

What are the three things a plant absorbs during photosynthesis?

Water sunlight and carbon dioxide

Three things soldiers needed during the civil war?

Sleep food weapons

What was the three things we deny when we receive baptism?

During Baptism, three things are asked. The person is asked if they deny Satan, if they accept Jesus and God and if they want a new life.

What are three things you are called to during lent?

the three things you are called to do during lent are: almsgiving:giving money to charity praying:this shows how much you care for our lord Jesus Christ fasting:giving up something for 40 days & 40 nights

What are the three things that a human geographer might study?

Three things that a human geographer might study are standards of living around the world, how things such as religion and language vary around the world, and the geography of cities and other "built-up" places.

What three things did Martin Luther King Jr do?

save the world from harm

What three things did Alexander the great do to change the world?

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Who were the Phoenicians and what three things did they give the Mediterranean world?

they gave us the alphabet