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well the answer to the ? is the warsaw pact and NATO.

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Q: What were the two military alliances created during the cold war?
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What three alliances were created during the cold war?

The Three Alliances are American, British, and French

What were NATO and the Warsaw pact examples of?

Both were intergovernmental military alliances created before or during the Cold War, on the principle of collective defence whereby its member states agree to mutual defense in response to an attack by any external party.

What were the alliances during the cold war?

Nato and The Warsaw Pact.

What determined alliances in the Suez Crisis?

Cold War Alliances

How did Yugoslavia and France escape from the bipolar alliances of the cold war?

Yogoslavia and France escaped from the bipolar alliance of the cold war by withdrawing from NATO military structures and expelling all of their NATO troops.

What was the Russian military power during the cold war?


Who are Egypt's alliances?

At present Egypt does not have formal military alliances akin to NATO. However Egypt is privy to direct foreign military and sales primarily from the United States and Europe. Egypt as a majority Sunni country and thus has good relations with Saudi Arabia, another major player in the regional power structure. During the Cold War and Arab-Israeli conflicts Egypt received significant aid and assistance from the Soviet Union.

Summary abouth cold war?

The cold war was created by atomic weapons. Cold War=Military Stand-Off.

What were Ghana's military forces?

An irrelevant name during the cold war.

During the cold war the united states supported the military dictatorship in?

During the cold war the united states supported the military dictatorship in Iraq, Iran, Cuba, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Liberia and Cambodia

What Is NATO and who led the alliance during the cold war?

NATO is an intergovernmental military alliance led by the United States during the Cold War

What are the alliances for cold war?

NATO and Warsaw Pact