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== == The following are the types of camps that were used in the Holocaust:

* "Concentration camps" is the generic term for the prison camps maintained by the Third Reich. * "Labor camps" were those that were maintained for the purpose of exploiting slave labor. * "Extermination camps" were six camps located in Poland where the mass murder of Jews and others took place. Many of the concentration camps were complexes of several camps and some had dual functions. At the Auschwitz complex, for example, most of the genocide took place in a subcamp called Birkenau. There was also a labor camp named Monowitz that was part of the complex where an artificial rubber plant was built. Likewise, Treblinka, another extermination camp, was part of a complex of three camps, two of which were used for slave labor.

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Q: What were the types of camps during the Holocaust?
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What were the 2 main types of Concentration Camps during the Holocaust?

The main types of Concentration Camps were Concentration Camps and Extermination Camps.

What is the five types of holocaust camps?

camps were seperated

What were the camps during the Holocaust?

Concentraion camps

Did they have consatration camps in the holocaust?

Concentration camps were very common during and before the Holocaust.

What were the four major concentration camps during the holocaust?

The 4 major Concentration Camps during the Holocaust were:AuschwitzTreblinkaBelzecSobibor

What types of torture did they use during the holocaust?

The tortures at the camps was labout, brutal attacks, rape

When was the liberation of the camps during the holocaust?

2019 (:

What camps were the gas chambers located in during the holocaust what were the names of the camps?

concentration camps.

How many camps were there during the holocaust?

Their was 63 concentration camps and their was 916 subcamps

How were children treated in camps during the Holocaust?

they were killed

What did the jew's do at the labor camps during the holocaust?


Where were the Jews placed during the Holocaust?

Concentration camps

Who were the prisoners that went to the concetration camps camps?

During the Holocaust, Jews were sent into the concetration camps as prisoners and/or slaves. Other than that, before the Holocaust, Nazis sent enemies to the concetration camps. The extermination camps came into most use during the Holocaust. Before that, it was used for expeirimenting and enemies.

What types of diseases did people get in concentration camps during the Holocaust?

Some people died of typhus like Anne Frank.

What area would the Jewish sleep during the Holocaust?

concentration camps or death camps

What happened in the US during the Holocaust?

During the Holocaust, Americans had a role in liberating concentration camps and fighting with the Allies.

What is the name of the biggest death camp during the holocaust?

The largest of the death camps during the holocaust was Auschwitz, in Poland.

What are the death camps in the Holocaust?

the death camps during the Holocaust were actually called concentration camps, its purpose was to prison all the minorities that the Nazis were trying to get rid of, such as the Jews.

What were the daily routines in camps during the holocaust?

Figure it out dummies

What are the names people had in the concentration camps during the holocaust?


What happens to men in concentration camps during holocaust?

they die

Where were the Jews taken during the Holocaust?

They were taken to extermination camps.

What was Lilith's cave during the Holocaust?

It was the Crematorias in the Death Camps

What is the theme in night?

the life inside of the camps during the Holocaust

Where were the gas chambers used during the holocaust?

in the concentration camps