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What were the uses of medieval castles?

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Castles were built for defense.

The castles were also the king or noble's home.

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What castles did they have in Medieval Times?

Medieval castles.

What are the difference between medieval castles and today's castles?

There is nothing different between todays castles and medieval time castles. Today's castles were built in medieval times.

Did medieval castles have cannons?

in the late medieval period many medieval castles did have a primitive type of cannon.

What were Welsh medieval castles like?

The welsh medieval castles were big and gray.

What were medieval castles used for?

Medieval castles are used for protection and a place for trading.

What were medieval castles built out of?

Medieval castles were built out of stone, mortar, and wood.

Are there toilets in medieval castles?

Toilets have been added to medieval castles that have survived to the modern day and are occupied. There were no toilets in medieval castles when they were originally built.

What year were medieval castles built?

Medieval castles were built in 1067.(in the time of the Normans)

Why were medieval castles important in Medieval Times?

medieval castles where in important in medieval times because the Emmies were trying to attack the other side. castles were huge and big and with holes so yeah haha.

When did they build medieval castles?

Medieval times

When were castles invented?

Castles were invented in medieval times.

When were castles made?

castles were made in the medieval time

When were castles used?

Castles were used in the Medieval Ages.

Are there any castles in america?

There are no genuine medieval castles in the USA, because the Americas were not discovered until after the medieval period had ended. There are the "fairytale" Disney castles and some modern attempts at reconstructing medieval castles, but no genuine ones.

What types of medieval castles were there?

mote and bailey castles and stone keep castles and Concentric Castles

What are the differences between modern and medieval castles?

the castles now are much stronger taller and less flammable the modern castles also don't have dungeons. medieval castles had palisades Spikes on the fences.) modern castles are just for show medieval castles were used for many different reasons, also most medieval castle were associated with death and dungeons.

How do castles have something to do with medieval history?

Who is most important in medieval history - kings and emperors. Where do they live - in castles.

What are the types of Medieval Castles?

There are many types of Medieval castles including concentric castles and motte and bailey castles To view more information on the different types of castles there are click on the related links listed below.

How did medieval castles evolve?

Medieval castles evolved because the old Motte and Bailey castles where easier to set alight and where not very strong, so they made stone castles to improve defence.

What did Medieval Baroness live in?

Medieval Baroness lived in castles

Where were medieval castles generally located?

The castles are ussually located in the the outskirts.

Are portcullises medieval?

portcullises are medieval as many medieval castles are found with them such as Warwick castle

What was medieval castles made of?

Medieval castles were built for protection and not for comfort. The first castles were built using wood but, were found to burn easily. Stone was then used in replacement of wood.

Where are castles built?

medieval Europe

Who protected the medieval castles?