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What were the wars in England caused by England?

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The English civil war between the royals and parliament

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The Wars of the Roses was caused because of a dispute over the throne of which country?


Which two western countries rivalry has caused several wars?

The two western countries whose rivalry have caused several wars would be England and Germany. They have fought three major wars in the last 150 years.

Wars in the 1800s?

civil war caused by the peoples for money and for more land because of Suraj Gurung From England

Did England win the war of roses?

The Wars of the Roses were civil wars where each faction wanted control over the crown of England. You could say England won the Wars of the Roses, but England also lost the wars.

The civil wars in England were called what?

Wars of the Roses

What two wars were fought in the New England colony?

What two wars were fought in the New England colony

Names of Scotland and England wars?

Wars of Scottish Independence

Did the ancient Olympics have wars?

The Olympic Games caused a pause in wars.

What wars have England been part of?

England has been part of dozens of wars, certainly too many for me to list.

What was the name of the series of wars between France and England?

Napoleonic Wars

What was the wars impact on france and england?

One impact from the wars on France and England was the settlement to new land that opened up.

What was the wars impact on france and england-?

There hostility between France and England, marked by the series of wars. During this period, England feared a French invasion led by Napoleon.

What wars has England won?

England sucks At least that is something we can do that you cannot

What caused Napoleonic Wars?

the napolneon wars started by the attle of marengo war which he had lost

Is England new city in Mafia Wars?

England is not a city, it is a country. Idiot.

When were the wars of roses?

1445 and 1487 in England

What wars were England involved in?

In the Vietnam war.

How many civil wars were there in England?


Where did the wars of the roses take place?


What wars were caused by religion?

There were many, but all I can remember are the Crusades. Not all wars are started by religion.

Is deforestation caused by wars?

deforestation is caused by wars because when the war is caused the britishers cut the forest for there own needs and this result to deforestation. Deforestation is now caused by logging, often illegal. Farmers also increase their grazing and croplands by removing trees.

What were the wars of roses?

the wars in England between the the two houses white rose and red rose.

When does Star Wars the clone wars season 2 premiere in England?

It's already premiered

What caused the zulu wars?

The presence of Boer settlers and the British Army both contributed to the Zulu wars.

How are most wars caused?

Economics, in particular disputes over natural resources, are the cause of most wars.