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Apaches used bows and arrows,spears,and shields.

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What is another name for the Apache?

"Apache" is a catch-all name for several tribes. The most notable of these tribes is probably the Navajo

Hopi and zuni tribes?


What is an Apache museum?

An Apache museum is a museum dedicated to preserving the history, culture, and practices of the Apache tribes and people.

Was Apache Native American tribes?


What type of government did the Apache tribes have?

They had Chairman>

Who were the meanest Indian tribes?

Blackfoot And Apache

Who were the major tribes in Arizona?

The Navajo and Apache.

What happened to the Apache Indian Tribes?

they died

What did Cherokee tribes weapons look like?

Cherokee tribes weapons looked awesome!

How many Apache Tribes are there?

the total population is 56,060, but i dont know how many tribes there are.

What Indian tribes were nomadic?

The Apache, the Navajo, and the Sioux are some of the many nomadic tribes.

What are the Apache tribal weapons?

bow and arrow

What were the Apache tools and weapons?

obviously the penis

Where did live apache and crow tribes?

The Apache American Indian tribes lived in the southwestern part of the United States. The Crow American Indian tribes lived primarily in the Midwest, but traveled according to the supply of food and the weather.

What type of homedoes the Apache live in?

The Apache Indians lived in one of three types of housing depending on their location. The plains tribes lived in teepees. The highlands tribes lived in wickiups. The Northern Mexico tribes lived in hogans.

What are the Pueblo Indian relationships with other tribes?

They had some fights with the Navajo and Apache. Though the main enemy was the apache.

What are some of the America tribes name?

Apache, Mohawk, Cherokee

Name 3 Indians tribes?

Iroquois, Apache, and Powhata

What Native Americans tribes came to Texas?

apache, crow,

Are the Kiowa-Apache tribes nomadic?

Not any more

What are three American native tribes?

Apache, Huron, and Lakota are three different Native American Tribes.

What are the Apache Tribes natural resources?

Timber for building homes, weapons and warmth. Lakes and streams for bathing and drinking. However they typically did not eat anything from the water nor did they live near it. Vegetation and wildlife for food. Rocks, minerals & bones for tools and weapons.

Who are apache?

The Apache were various Native American tribes in North America. Members of this tribe speak a form of the Athabaskan language.

How many Apache Indians are alive today?

111,810 recognized members of the Apache tribes (there is more than one tribe)

Did Apache Native American's Travel?

The Plains Apache were nomadic peoples and traveled to follow the buffalo when they migrated. I haven't really learned much about other Apache tribes...