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Q: What were traps on the goldfields?
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Who kept law and order on the goldfields?

In Australia, it was the troopers and the traps who kept law and order. There was also a Gold Commissioner who oversaw the goldfields. However, in many cases, the traps could be bribed, and so there was very little real "law and order" being kept.

What were the names of the goldfields?

another name for the goldfields

What happened if there were no rules in the goldfields?

There mustn't have been goldfields.

What did children wear on the goldfields?

What did children and men wear on the goldfields

What did police wear on the goldfields?

what did the police wear on the goldfields

When was Goldfields Titans created?

Goldfields Titans was created in 2009.

When was European Goldfields created?

European Goldfields was created in 2000.

What is European Goldfields's population?

European Goldfields's population is 244.

What animals lived on the goldfields?

Chickens, rats and unicorns lived on the goldfields.

What was education like on the goldfields?

education was poor on the goldfields it is not like these days

What games did the kids play on the goldfields?

A popular game at the goldfields was marbles.

What did Germans whear on the goldfields?

who knows what Germans wore on the australian goldfields