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Mary Downing Hahn wrote Deep and Dark and Dangerous.

deep dark and dangerous' author is Mary downing hahn

Deep and Dark and Dangerous is by Mary Downing Hahn. The paperback has 192 pages. The Clarion hardcover also has 192 pages.

what is the climax of deep and dark and dangerous.

to always tell the truth right from the start. the book is about sissy and how she wants to have a burial and basically have Emma and alis mom admit what they did . hope this helps!

The author of Deep, Dark & Dangerous is Jaid Black

im not so sure but i know she wrote some books like the ghost of crutchfeild hall and the doll in the garden and deep and dark dangerous i know she writes more but those are the ones i have herd off so if your up for some ghost storys Mary Downing Hahn is great

Because, you feel dark in your sleep. FEELINGS THAT ARE DARK: upset depressed, or angry.

Deep dark and dangerous is not a movie. i hope they make a movie it would be awesome to see

"Deep And Dark And Dangerous" is set mostly in Maine, but in the very beginning Ali is in Connecticuit.

Of the feelings of dread that stem in part from a subconscious intimation of Rochester’s dark and horrible secret, that have led Jane to make some subconscious conclusions.

It is dangerous because a person driving might not be able to see the person in dark clothing.

a very important part in deep and dark and dangerous is when sissy (Teresa) tries to drown Ali and Emma.

Finny's refusal to the state of feeling he had and his immediate apology demonstrate that Finny and Gene are very much different people. Finny is lighthearted; he would devastated to believe that Gene, who he considers his best friend, would turn against him. Gene, on the other hand, has a dark side to him. Gene is jealous and does not realize it; which makes him dangerous.

mary u write really awsome books i love ur book eep and dark and dangerous and i have been tryin to find ur book wait till helen comes but i cant find it because i live in a small town.

I don't see anything dangerous in this - strange, yes, but not dangerous.

The cast of Dark and Dangerous - 2014 includes: Ludvig Andersen as Zombie Liv Maria Hagen as Melissa

the conflict of deep dark and dangerous is that Ally'smom wont let her go to the cottage because her mother is scared of something-- read the book to find out!

Deep, Dark, and Dangerous are Horror and Ghost stories.It depends on the believer. If you believe in ghosts, it could be realistic fiction. If you do not, it is just fiction.

Dark snow is dust. So think of dust dangers and you've got your answer.

Everything he does is for love. He had beliefs when he was younger tending toward the dark arts but changed them later on. He is very brave but also very guarded about his feelings. He plays favorites in class and still has not recovered from wounds from his childhood. Sensative.

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