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Well actually they are just like the blacksmiths now.

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What did Blacksmiths do in the times of Jesus?

At the time of Jesus blacksmiths did a very good job, as they made the arrow heads, swords , daggers for the Roman soldier and aldso horseshoes for their horses.

What kind of job are in the colonial time?

Blacksmiths and stuff like that

What did a blacksmith do in Jesus' time?

Blacksmiths made, roman weapons such as swords, knives, spears etc.

Are there still blacksmiths?

Yes there are still Blacksmiths. Most Blacksmiths do it for fun. A portion of those blacksmith full time for a living.

What did the Ancient Roman blacksmiths have to make things and what did they make?

in the roman time the blacksmiths only had anything big and metal to make other big metal things. metal was very popular in the roman period and so the blacksmiths had an easy time

What was the temperature like in Jesus' time?

I think where Jesus lived it was warm...

How did blacksmiths bathe?

like evrey one else- in a bath

What did blacksmiths eat?

blacksmiths ate meat.]

Do you still have blacksmiths today?

Yes, blacksmiths are found today but not like olden days... Black smith are normally found in outer part of city

What was the climate like in Jesus' time?

The climate at Jesus time was hot and humid and the roads were dusty and unsafe to travel on.

What did blacksmiths do in colonial New York city?

Blacksmiths in colonial cities would shoe horses and make iron objects like the rim of wagon wheels.

What was a blacksmiths sword like?

i can tell you that it was very heavy to carry around.

Do blacksmiths pull out teeth?

No... blacksmiths work with metal....

What are facts about blacksmiths?

Blacksmiths make hot fore.

What was living like in the time of Jesus at Palestine?

It was called Israel at the time not Palestine.

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