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In colonial times horseshoes were made by blacksmiths.

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What did Blacksmiths do in the times of Jesus?

At the time of Jesus blacksmiths did a very good job, as they made the arrow heads, swords , daggers for the Roman soldier and aldso horseshoes for their horses.

Why were blacksmiths so important in colonial times?

Most people rode a horse who need horseshoes, carriages needed a band on the wheels, people needed pots and pans, other objects were made by him for the farm and house.

Where did blacksmiths come from?

In colonial times it was mostly from England and maybe France.

Did Delaware have carpenter shops or blacksmiths in colonial times?

No, everyone just goes to Lowes - yes they had Lowes in colonial times in Deleware.

What jobs did they have in colonial times?

They had blacksmiths, silversmiths, newspaper, shoemaker's, cabinet making, and barber. The blacksmiths made horseshoes, swords and fences. Silversmiths made spoons, and jewerly. newspaper men published stories. Shoemakers made shoes. Cabinetmakers made cabinets and furniture. Barbers made wigs and also cut hair.

What business did New York have in colonial times?

Blacksmiths, shoe makers, silversmiths, bakeries, seamstresses

Where did apothecary get supplies in the colonial times?

the apothecary got their supplies at the blacksmiths or they grew them in their backyard gardens

What did coppersmiths make in colonial times?

Well they are basically blacksmiths, so they made various utensils, locks, horseshoes, hoops for holding barrels together, nails, metal tires for wheels, pots, kettles, and candlestick holders. Of course there's a lot more, but that's all I know.

What kind of jobs did people have in Maryland during colonial times?

Workers: Builders, blacksmiths, Head master, nurse, traders, explorers and more

How much did horse shoes cost in colonial times?

There is no one answer for the price of horseshoes in colonial times. This is due to each colony having it's own currency and prices for goods. However if averaged out it likely only cost a few cents to a couple of dollars in colonial money to purchase horse shoes.

What jobs did Maryland have in colonial times?

Rope makers, blacksmiths, shoe makers, silver smiths, clock makers, sailors, ship builders, carpenters.

How did blacksmiths get there skill in colonial times?

They would almost always have to learn from another blacksmith. They would be an apprentice for 4-5 years in many cases.

How did blacksmiths make tools in colonial times?

They heated metals in a furnace so that they could be shaped easily and used a pointed horn to bend the metal.

How where blacksmiths paid in colonial times?

They could have been paid in cash or in trade. If a farmer had no cash he may have given beef or flour in place of payment.

What was a colonial blacksmith's day like?

Highly skilled, well-trained blacksmiths were held in the highest esteem during Colonial times. Hundreds of blacksmiths supplied and repaired tools, equipment, household goods and weapons made of iron. Their craftsmanship aided a growing population and laid the foundation for commerce and expansion in a new country.

Did they have horseshoes in medieval times?

Yes they did have horseshoes in the medieval times. They were used to protect horse's feet when running or walking on hard surfaces. They are nailed onto the horse's feet but it doesn't hurt them

What is the job of an artisan in colonial times?

Artisans would craft anything from wood furniture to utensils to decorations. It all depened on their trade. some trades were coblars, blacksmiths, carpenters, silversmiths, and goldsmiths.

What trades in colonial times depended on blacksmiths?

All trades depended on the blacksmith. One surprising trade that depended on the blacksmith is the milliner, but the milliner needed a manikin and a post to stabilize the manikin. That came from the blacksmith!

Was a milliner important in the colonial times?

Yes, milliners in the colonial times were basically where you would get your clothing in the colonial times.

Were there nurses in the colonial times?

yes. there was nurses in the colonial times.

When was Colonial Times created?

Colonial Times was created in 1825.

What is a colonial merchant of colonial times?

a colonial merchant is a person in colonial times who keeps track of general stores and trade goods

What do millers do in colonial times?

Millers made flour in the colonial times.

What is a colonial newspaper?

a newspaper in the colonial times

What does a colonial haberdasher do?

what is a haberdasher in colonial times

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