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They could have been paid in cash or in trade. If a farmer had no cash he may have given beef or flour in place of payment.

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Q: How where blacksmiths paid in colonial times?
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In colonial times were horseshoes made by tinsmiths or blacksmiths?

In colonial times horseshoes were made by blacksmiths.

What did blacksmiths make in the colonial times?

They made tools

How much money did blacksmiths make in colonial times?

No one knows

Where did blacksmiths come from?

In colonial times it was mostly from England and maybe France.

Did Delaware have carpenter shops or blacksmiths in colonial times?

No, everyone just goes to Lowes - yes they had Lowes in colonial times in Deleware.

Did colonial Virginia have blacksmiths?

I'm sure colonial Virginia had many blacksmiths. The certainly had many horses.

How much did carpenters get paid in colonial times?

colonial carpenters wouldget paid 5 pounds

What business did New York have in colonial times?

Blacksmiths, shoe makers, silversmiths, bakeries, seamstresses

Where did apothecary get supplies in the colonial times?

the apothecary got their supplies at the blacksmiths or they grew them in their backyard gardens

Why were blacksmiths important as colonial craftsmen?

Horses and wagons could not have operated without blacksmiths. Blacksmiths did all the necessary repairs.

What did colonial sliversmith make?

how much do silversmiths get paid in colonial times

Which colonial craftsmen needed an anvil?


Did colonial New Jersey have blacksmiths?


What did blacksmiths do in colonial New York city?

Blacksmiths in colonial cities would shoe horses and make iron objects like the rim of wagon wheels.

How much were you paid if you were a fisher in colonial times?


What are some names of famous colonial blacksmiths?


What did colonial blacksmiths eat?

Meat, potatoes, vegetables, bread and fruit were the mainstays of the colonial diet.

Did kids in colonial times get paid for doing house work?


What do gardeners in colonial times get paid with?

Coins, tobacco, or barter.

What did colonial blacksmiths make in New York?

they molded metal

How much money did colonial blacksmiths make?

5 shilings

What kind of job are in the colonial time?

Blacksmiths and stuff like that

What kind of jobs did people have in Maryland during colonial times?

Workers: Builders, blacksmiths, Head master, nurse, traders, explorers and more

How much did teachers get paid during colonial times?

they got paid 50 or 60$. they got paid $35 per hour

Where do colonial basket makers get their tools?

they got their tools from neighborhood blacksmiths