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Samuel is recognized as a saint in the Orthodox Churches but not in the Catholic Church. Therefore, he was not subject to the canonization process of the Catholic Church

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Saint Samuel the Confessor is believed to have performed numerous miracles during his lifetime, including healing the sick, casting out demons, and restoring the eyesight of a blind man. Additionally, he was known for his ability to predict future events and for his intercessions leading to the protection and blessing of his followers.

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Q: What where Saint Samuel the Confessor's miracles?
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Who is Saint Samuel of Edessa?

Saint Samuel of Edessa was a 4th-century Christian monk and ascetic who lived in Edessa, now in modern-day Turkey. He is known for his strict ascetic practices, holiness, and miracles attributed to him. Saint Samuel is venerated in the Eastern Orthodox and Catholic Church.

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Saint Samuel became a saint sometime during antiquity. His feast day occurs on December 5. He is considered a Coptic Orthodox saint.

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