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The men of the Australian Army were veterans of fighting in the New Guinea Campaign.

My Father never spoke of the war except to say that in Papua New Guinea he lived in muddy trenches. His feet were always wet and sore as it was always pouring rain. Leeches clinging onto their bodies were a problem all the time. Also said he lived on bully beef. As for the fighting, it was unspeakable except for the snipers he spoke of, the horrible living conditions and that it was a case of shoot or be shot. Not much help I guess for what you are looking for.

some of the places where the Australian soldiers fought in WW1 were-German New Guinea-Western Desert-Gallipoli-The Middle East-France-Belgium-Germany-Northern Russia

Queensland is the Australian state that is closest to Papua New Guinea.

The Australians were fighting on New Guinea and Port Moresby. The USN was engaging the IJN at Coral Sea.

It depends on who they are fighting with. If they are fighting with you they may bite you hard, or refuse to get near you. If the guinea pig is fighting with another guinea pig they will make a rumble like noise, and they also may stomp their feet. Hope this helps! :)

Guinea is within the African continent, not to be confused with New Guinea which is within the Australian continent.

Papua New Guinea was Australian territory.

West New Guinea is in the Pacific, New Guinea is the norther part of the Australian continent.

They are probably fighting for dominance. If you have two male guinea pigs they will continue to fight but if they are two females they will fight once and it will be over with.

If you know how much 21 shillings are worth in Australian dollars you'll know how much a guinea is worth in Australian dollars, hoped this helped (I'm pretty sure it didn't though!)

you will see cuts on the guinea pigs and there may be blood around the cage

Yes, Papua New Guinea is part of Australia the continent.

Japan sent a small force from New Guinea south from New Guinea into Papua. This was intercepted at Kokoda by an Australian battalion, which was progressively reinforces. The Japanese broke through and the Australians made a fighting withdrawal to Iorabaiwa Ridge, at which stage the Japanese ran low on food and ammunition and conducted a fighting withdrawal back up the Kokoda Track through Kokoda and back to the New Guinea north coast.

Put them in different cages.

An Australian pelican is a species of pelican, Latin name Pelecanus conspicillatus, found primarily in Australia and New Guinea.

An Australian magpie is a species of magpie native to Australia and southern New Guinea, with the Latin name Cracitus tibicen.

Guinea-pigs get mad if you are constantly stroking them or making high pitch/loud noises. If two guinea pigs are fighting they are getting cross too!

The war was World War 2. Australia was involved because Papua New Guinea was a territory of Australia, and it had the responsibility to defend it. A small Japanese force moved from New Guinea towards Port Moresby and an Australian force moved north to oppose it at Kokoda, then fighting a defensive withdrawal to Iorabaiwa, then being reinforced and driving the Japanese back again through Kokoda to pin them against the north coast.

The were ON Australian territory since Papua New Guinea was administered by Australia.

No. None of the stars on the Australian glag symbolise Papua New Guinea, because PNG is not a territory of Australia any more - nor was it a territory when the flag was originally designed.

don't put them in the same cage for a week

yes a guinea pig can have two babies if the conditions are correct and the fertilization is proper

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