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What will Infamous be rated?

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Infamous has not yet been rated.

Rating Pending. Most likely rated T-M.

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What is infamous rated?

T for Teen

What is the xbox 360 game infamous rated?

inFAMOUS is a PlayStation 3 exclusive title.

What are the ratings and certificates for Infamous - 2009 VG?

Infamous - 2009 VG is rated/received certificates of: Australia:M UK:12 USA:T

What are the ratings and certificates for The Scales of Justice - 1962 Infamous Conduct?

The Scales of Justice - 1962 Infamous Conduct is rated/received certificates of: UK:A

What are some games like grand theft auto but are rated t for teen?

There is inFamous, which is also a sandbox type game, rated 16+

Does infamous have blood?

infamous does have blood but not allot. infamous is a rated T game. if it was blood and guts(like call of duty or kill zone) it would be rated M. Infamous is a great game with little blood and harsh language. I wouldn't give it to any one under ten. Of course weather you should play this if your a kid is up to your parents. They would know if you can handle it. Of course if your not living with your parents anymore play ahead.

What is the age rating for Infamous 2?

Infamous 2 is rated: T for Teen by the Entertainment Software Rating Board 16 by the Pan European Game Information M for Mature by the Australian Classification Board

What are the ratings and certificates for Infamous Victory Ben Chifley's Battle for Coal - 2008 TV?

Infamous Victory Ben Chifley's Battle for Coal - 2008 TV is rated/received certificates of: Australia:PG

Is Bill Gates infamous?

no,he is not infamous

What is a sentence with the word infamous?

some people are very infamous for drugs. Rich kids are mostly infamous and spoiled.

Is there Infamous for Xbox 360?

No. Infamous and Infamous 2 are only for the Play Station 3.

What are some good ps3 games that arent rated m?

infamous,uncharterd,littlebigplanet srry but i dont know any others

What is the game after Infamous going to be?

infamous 2

Can you transfer data from infamous to infamous 2?


Is infamous a verb?

No, it is not a verb. Infamous is an adjective.

Is Adolph Hitler infamous or famous?

He is infamous.

What is the sentence with the word infamous in it?

Mr white was very Infamous for his acts. Name two infamous killers of history!

When does inFamous come out?

InFamous has already come out but if you like InFamous, InFamous2 comes out in July 1st 2011

Is there a infamous for Wii?

Nope. inFamous is a PS3 exclusive.

What are the release dates for Infamous - 2003 Infamous 1-12?

Infamous - 2003 Infamous 1-12 was released on: USA: 18 May 2004

What is a good t rated free roam game for the PS3?

mercenaries 2,infamous 1 and 2 wheelman, batman arkhum city,

Does infamous 2 continue where infamous 1 left off?

yes it follows right were infamous left off

Will infamous come out for wii?

No. inFamous and inFamous 2 are published by Sony and will only ever be released for the PlayStation 3.

What are synonyms of infamous?

Infamous Very mean, insane in meanieness!

A sentence with the word infamous?

The bollywood actress was a very infamous.