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This is tough because of the situation being new and it makes for nervousness. If you know he already likes you the best guess is he will say " Oh, that's great, what do we do now" If your both old enough to date or be an item then take it slow and have fun.

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What if a guy likes you but you don't like him?

if a guy likes you but you dont like him, tell him your not in to him and say sorry.

How should a guy tell a girl he likes her?

say "i like you" then whip out your hooded warrior

How does a girl get a guy to like them?

You just say hey boy want to hang out or if you have a boy who likes the guy you like ask him to tell him I like you.

What do you say if the guy you like asks you if you like him or not?

As a guy i would tell them because honesty is the best policy, and if he asked that then he obviously likes you, and he will be scared away if you say no

How do you tell a guy you like him after he told you he likes you?

Just say I like you too and maybe he will ask you out. That is what happened to me!

How does a guy react when you say you like him?

If the guy likes you back , you might start dating , but if he doesn't like you he , might avoid you and tell his friends that you like him .

What if your friends tell you that a guy likes you but you aren't so sure?

dont assume anything or believe what your freinds say if the guy likes you he will sooner or later tell you if you like him you can just ask him out yourself

How do you tell if a guy friend likes you?

They say if he teases you.

What if a guy you like has you help him get a girl he likes. He is having me remind him to ask her out tomorrow. If you say tell him how should I?

Tell him you like him

What should a guy say to a girl he likes?

the best thing you can do is tell her that you like her. make sure you compliment her and also ask her who she likes.

What do you do when a guy likes you and you like the guy but nothing is happening?

Tell them that you like them. I know how hard it is. Why not ask what they are thinking, with no lies. They might just say they like you. (Worked for me ;] )

What does a guy say when he likes you?

`i like you `

The guy you like knows that you like him and 13 people think he likes you but when people ask him he says no does it mean he doesnt want to tell the truth?

No way. This guy probably likes you and just doesn't want to admit it. But there is the possibility that he is afraid to tell all his friends that, because he is afraid what they will say. I say go for it. Tell him you like him!

What will a guy say to you if he likes you?

a guy will normally talk about some other girl to get your attention or talk about what you like or tell you how good you look

What does it mean when a guy say that he likes you to your friend?

It means he likes you but is too shy or afraid of rejection to tell you. If you like him, give him some encouragement.

What should you do when a guy really likes you but you like someone else?

It would usually be best to tell the guy that likes you sorry but I am not interested. Say it in a nice way and you should be alright.

How can you get boyfriends?

if you like a guy and he likes you back . i no its awkward to ask a guy if he likes you so you get a friend to go talk to him and if hes says he doesn like you tell your friend to tell him then you should ask her out if he say okay the say yes and go on a date with him then tell your friend that he has u to be his girlfriend then you say yes but if when your friend asks the dude if he likes you and he says no im sry but theres nothimg you can do

What should you do if you know the guy you like likes you and you like him?

Well, what you do is ask him out just say, "do you like me its ok you can tell me because I like you too." If your to scared tell him ask your friends what to say to him for you and they can let him know that you like him.

How do you tell a guy that you like him when he likes you back but doesn't want a relationship?

just tell him and he will tell you how he feels. Just not by his friend or he will say something different

What is a secret to tell the guy you like?

Tell him/her that you know someone who likes him and be mysterious he will want to know... He will always be around you trying to get you to tell him and if you are lucky he will say he like you back if you tell him directly

What to text a guy about?

well that depends on if you like the guy or not? If you like the guy and you are not sure if the he likes you back act like he is your best friend that is a girl. What would you say to her say to him. Its the same way with if you don't like him and you don't know what to say. 1 word of advise: If you tell your friends that you like him but youre not so sure if he likes you make sure to leave that out.

What to say when a guy says I like you?

When a guy tells you he likes you if you like him back just tell him that you feel the same, and if you don't let him down easy and just say that you would rather be friends. But if you are a generally shy person and you like the guy back just say so be confident if he likes you then your situation can only get better.

How do you tell a guy that you dont really like him when he really likes you?

You can say something like '' I'm sorry but were are not ment for each other."

What would you do when you are taken but have a crush on another guy do you lied or tell the truth?

Well I had to go through that alot, but what i could tell you is that you have to wait a while to see if this guy really likes you. Then if he do likes you and you like him back, you could say the truth

If one of a guy friend told you that this guy likes you then the next day say he doesnt like you?

He probably still likes you but is to shy to tell you. Maybe he found out your guy friend told you that he likes you so now he is changing his story because he is shy.

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