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What will a pawn shop loan you on a 2004 Dell Dimension top of the line?


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September 06, 2007 8:54AM

More than likely yes.

Will it it be for an amount that is less than you think it's worth?

More than likely yes.

With the technology always getting better and the prices getting lower for computers and considering the "hold" time that we are required to abide by it forces us, pawnbrokers, to loan a lower than retail amount for this type of item.

The pawnbroker also will want you to pick up your item also so he will want to loan you an amount that will prompt you not to lose the item by not paying it off when the time comes.

If we loan to much on an item, customers do not normally come back to redeem their goods so not only have we tied our money up, we now have an item that we need to resell to get our money back.

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