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Q: What will a white shirt a red jacket and a green trousers look like in blue spotlight?
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Sam is wearing a white shirt a red jacket and green trousers to a night club what will his clothes look like in a red spotlight?

Under a red spotlight, his jacket will not show up because it is red. His white shirt will appear red and his green trousers will appear black. This is because The red jacket is the same color as the light. His white shirt will turn red, since white reflects all colors, and since red is the only color, the white shirt reflects that color. His green trousers will appear black because there is no green that reflects off his trousers.

What do palaeontologists wear?

Normal a shirt trousers and maybe a tie with an overcoat jacket (white)

Black pants tan jacket light green shirt?

Sure, but I think dark blue shirt, black pants and tan jacket work better. or tan pants, light green shirt and black jacket.

What did Amelia where when she flew her plan?

She usually wore trousers or jodphurs and a light shirt, often with a brown leather jacket.

What is the national dress of Cyprus?

The national dress of Cyprus for women is the Sayia, which is a dress. For men it is baggy trousers, a shirt and jacket.

When a red green and blue shirt is placed under a red spotlight what happens to the colours on the t shirt?

The red one is red, and the blue and green is black (as long as the blue and green is completely blue and green with no hint of red)

What equipment does a paramedic carry?

They wear dark green trousers with a white shirt with there badge on there right sleeve.

What armor did roundheads have?

proper armour eg, shields metal shirt leather jacket metal vest boots leather trousers helmet gautlet

What is dressy casual attire for men?

I would think smart trousers, but not jeans with a trendy shirt and jacket. No trainers. And certainly no tie, or bow tie

What color shirt should you wear with a green jacket and black boots?

Purple, definetely!

What is the look of a classic tuxedo?

The classic tuxedo looks like a single black breasted jacket, trousers are made from the same fabric as the jacket, a white shirt, a bow tie and a pair of smart looking black shoes.

What is the Uniform of chief airport guide?

The uniform of a chief airport guide is smart and is supplied by the employer. For males, the uniform would consist of a shirt and trousers with a tie and jacket. For females, the uniform would consist of a blouse, skirt or trousers, a tie and jacket. Both would also wear flat black shoes.