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Q: What will be the effect of china rose solution indicator in dilute solution of shampoo?
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Does detergent solution effect on red litmus papper?

detergent solution has an effect on red litmus paper because detergent solution is a base and it changes the color of red litmus(indicator) to blue when in contact with it.

What is the effect of soap water on turmeric solution?

the turmeric solution changes into red in colour as turmeric solution is an indicator and reveals that soap solution is a base.

What is so important about the osmotic effect of a solution?

The osmotic effect of a solution is its ability to change the flow of water from itself to another solution that it can access. For instance, if you are injecting a high-osmotic solution directly into the blood stream, you can cause the patient to become dehydrated because the solution will pull the water from the patient's body tissues into the blood stream until it is equalized between the body tissues' osmotic force and the solution's osmotic force. In contrast, if you inject a solution that is too dilute, you can cause cells to rupture as the water from the dilute solution filters into the cells to try to equalize the osmotic forces between the cell's interiors and the solution.

Does the shampoo have a scent Does the shampoo effect color?

American Crew Daily Shampoo as menthol and also fragrances in itwhich means it has scent. Shampoo will have effect on hair color, after repeated use.

What effect does bromine have on moist indicator paper?

there is no effect

What effect does an acid have on universal indicator?

It turns the universal indicator red

Media of advertising used by sunsilk shampoo?

media used & effect of sunslik shampoo

Are shampoo are really effective?

some shampoos effect and some not it depends on shampoo only

What effect does and alkali have on an universal indicator?

It turns the universal indicator purple or blue.

Why is it that the presence of indicator does not affect reaction between acid and base?

indicators are dyes that have one color in acidic medium and different color in a basic it cannot have any effect on any of the solution because it is colorless

Is the following sentence true or false A strong acid is safe as long as it's in a dilute solution?

The question is impossible to answer. The terms "strong" and "dilute" are not defined. This is particularly relevant since no matter how strong an acid in its pure form, if sufficiently diluted, there may be one active molecule of the acid in a kilo litre of solution

What is effect of dilute sulphuric acid on red litmus?

A stench with a nicer color