What will carpet and drapes in a room reduce?

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Drafts, heat loss and the number of chilly feet.

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Q: What will carpet and drapes in a room reduce?
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What is drapes in dining room?

Could be any room - Drapes are curtains over the window

How do you reduce reverberation?

Reverberation can be reduced by varios methods: 1:Hang up heavy drapes from the ceiling to the floor. 2:Coverhard floors with thick carpet. 3:Install acoustical ceiling tiles in the room. 4:Increase the insulation above the ceiling of the room and between the walls.

Does the carpet match the drapes?

yes they do if you find the right interior

Why are drapes a good thing to have in a large room?

Drapes r good to have in a large room 'cause it reduces ECHO!!!

What color are the drapes in the east room?


What is a good response to does the carpet match the drapes?

A slap in the face is a good response, especially if you're female and asked it by a male.

What kind of drapes are best for an office?

Choose your drapes to match the furniture in your office. If you have heavy, classic looking furniture, choose heavier tapestry like drapes to pull the room together. If you have more modern furniture, choose simple yet interesting colors that are really just there to accent the room and not to dim the light coming in.

Can carpet be stretched or strip of carpet be added to room where carpet is 2 inches short?

Power stretcher

A room is 7.5m long rob buys a carpet that is 8m long how many centimetres longer than the room is the carpet?


How do you change the color or look of a red room without using paint?

Change out the furniture, drapes and lamps.

How do you make wall-to-wall carpet fit the room?

Carpet comes in widths of 12' and 15'. If the room is wider than 15', the carpet will have to be seamed. Determine how much carpet is needed by measuring the width and length of the room. Add a few inches to both measurements to allow extra carpet for thresholds and doorways. Make a rough drawing of the room and take it to the carpet retail outlet. The sales representative can advise on how much carpet will be needed and can even arrange to have the length cut.

How do you measure a room for carpet?

with tape measure

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