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Q: What color are the drapes in the east room?
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What is drapes in dining room?

Could be any room - Drapes are curtains over the window

Which color drapes have the most resale value?

dark color drapes in solid patterns

How do you change the color or look of a red room without using paint?

Change out the furniture, drapes and lamps.

Why are drapes a good thing to have in a large room?

Drapes r good to have in a large room 'cause it reduces ECHO!!!

How should one decide on the color of drapes to put up?

The color of drapes that one puts up should be decided based on the color of the walls, the color of the flooring, and/or the general color scheme of the room. Design is fairly subjective, so it is ultimately up to one's judgement to decide what looks good.

What does that gold drop back mean when Obama gives a speech?

You may be referring to the gold drapes which are often used as a backdrop when presidents give speeches from the Oval Office and from the East Room of the White House. Drapes of this type have been there for more than a decade. There are some internet myths that claim the drapes have "Arabic writing" on them. That is false. The gold ones in the Oval office seem to be solid colored, but the ones in the East Room do have some designs; however, the designs are not writing at all-- rather, they are stylized decorations that are supposed to be doves and olive branches. As for why there are gold drapes in the background, mostly because that is the color that was chosen when the rooms were redecorated. There does not appear to be any particular reason for that color (as opposed to red or green or some other color); and in fact, over the years, there have been other colors of drapes in various rooms of the White House. Sometimes, First Ladies redecorate, and the decor is whatever they chose for that room.

Silk Drapes?

form_title= Silk Drapes form_header= Install elegance in your home with silk drapes. What are the dimensions of your windows?*= _ [50] What color do you want the silk?*= _ [50] What is your budget for silk drapes?*= _ [50]

Window Drapes?

form_title= Window Drapes form_header= Decorate your windows with drapes! What are the dimensions of your windows?*= _ [50] How many windows are in your home?*= {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, More than 10} What color do you want the drapes?*= _ [50]

How do you use the word chose in an asking sentence?

"Is this the color you chose for the drapes?"

What will carpet and drapes in a room reduce?

Drafts, heat loss and the number of chilly feet.

What kind of drapes are best for an office?

Choose your drapes to match the furniture in your office. If you have heavy, classic looking furniture, choose heavier tapestry like drapes to pull the room together. If you have more modern furniture, choose simple yet interesting colors that are really just there to accent the room and not to dim the light coming in.

Hot new colors for curtains and drapes?

There are many new hot color trends in curtains and drapes. Red is both hot and bold for the very dramatic look. And lilac is a color trend that appeals to many with its cool inviting hue that feels like spring. And of course white is a color trend in curtains and drapes that is here to stay because it is crisp, clean, bright and goes with everything.

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