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Bad tires or out of balance tires or driveshafts. Have it checked out.

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โˆ™ 2004-09-06 11:50:25
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Q: What will cause a 1997 Jeep Cherokee to vibrate while driving on the road?
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Can the rim or tire cause the car to shake or vibrate?

Yes, either can cause a shake while driving.

94 Cherokee stalls while driving down the road what would cause that?

it is either the erg valve or the timing is off.

What will cause engine to die while driving in 95 jeep Cherokee when battery and alternator good?

trash in your fuel filter

Your 1999 jeep Cherokee sport has started dying while driving why?

Check the oxygen sensor. My 1995 Grand Cherokee stopped stalling while driving after it was replaced.

What cause a 1996 Cherokee Jeep shut down while driving?

Maybe the computer,is happening with my 98,Fuel system ok ,batt ok.

What would cause a car to shake and vibrate while driving?

Out of balance or damaged tire(s). Damaged wheel(s). Engine misfire. These are the three most common culprits.

What would cause a 1998 Cherokee to stall while driving and not start not even push starting it?

Check the crank angle sensor usually about $150 to replace

What causes your 95 ford aerostar to vibrate while driving?

A universal joint on the driveshaft going bad.

What could cause oil pressure gauge on a 2004 Grand Jeep Cherokee to fluctuate?

It goes up while driving and down when you're idle....that's normal

Would a bad oxygen sensor cause my 97 grand Cherokee to intermittently stall while driving?

I had that same exact problem with a 1995 Jeep Cherokee, and it was indeed a bad oxygen sensor. Relatively cheap repair too.

What is the normal temperature on the gauge in a 1999 grand Cherokee while driving?

It depends on the setpoint of the thermostat.

What would cause a 92 Ford Escort to vibrate while in drive?

Perhaps an out of balance wheel. If this is the cause it will be worse at a certain speed.

What causes a Jeep Grand Cherokee to stall while driving?

If any vehicle stalls while driving it should be seen by a mechanic soon. It can be the a issues with the computer, ignition, or fuel.

Why do people use the phone while driving?

cause they can

What would cause your car to cut off while driving?

What would cause my VW golf to cut out whist driving

What can cause a 1999 jeep Cherokee to stall while driving?

# Idle speed incorrect # Fuel filter clogged and/or water and impurities in fuel system # Faulty plugs and/or wires # Vacuum leak

What are the warning signs of a bad fuel filter on a 96 Jeep Cherokee?

cutting fuel while driving

Why a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo quits running while driving?

out of gas or timing belt

Why would a car vibrate or shake sometimes while idling and whle driving 65-70mph?

Loose motor mounts.

What would cause your 2002 Honda civic to jerk while driving?

A bad tire can cause your 2002 Honda Civic to jerk while driving. A bad ball joint can also cause this issue.

What would cause 1990 Volvo 740 GL to stall while driving?

There are several things that can cause your 1990 Volvo 740 to stall while driving. The most common cause is a bad fuel pump.

What can cause whining noise while driving?

The kids in the back.

What is the leading cause of death in teens?

Driving while intoxicated.

Can a bent rim cause a wobble while driving?

Yes is can.

Will a faulty tps cause the tachometer to fluctuate while driving?

no it will not!