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There are a couple of reasons for gas in the oil of a Yamaha Golf cart. Most likely, it is a stuck float in the carburetor. It could also be caused by a tear in a fuel pump diaphragm.

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Q: What will cause gas and oil in my Yamaha golf cart?
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Why does Yamaha gas cart backfire when slowing down?

The reason eight Yamaha golf cart may backfire when slowing down, is the air to fuel mixture needs adjustment. The golf cart is getting too much. Fuel.

How much do you torque the head bolts on a Yamaha g16 gas golf cart engine?

21 ft pounds

How to hook up a battery in a 199 yamaha golf cart gas?

We hooked up the battery wrong , positive to negative and negative to positive and the motor still turned over but would noy start. Why did this happen ? This is a 1999 gas golf cart ez go.

Where are Yamaha golf carts made?

Yamaha golf cars are made in Newnan, Georgia. Yamaha electric golf cars are 95% made in the USA and the gas cars are 88% made in the USA. Most all of the car is built by Yamaha in their plant in Georgia. Other brands of cars are basically no more than 66% built in the USA making Yamaha the more American cart.

Where is the governor on a Yamaha golf car?

i have a Yamaha golf cartserial# jg5-315607 the cart was starving for fuel and not running properly cleaned the carbchecked the lines and the 3 way valve the cart will only run when i pull the choke then of course it smokes as it is to rich. on the flat area it will run okay asmall ioncline i have to pull the choke this is a gas engine . would there be a electronic governor on this cart if so where is it also is there a gas filter in the tank? i do not know the year

Do you have to use golf cart batteries on golf cart o?

no you can also use gas it just depends on type it uses.

How do you convert an electric golf cart into a gas powered cart?

Get a gas powered motor and connect where electric one was.

What is best gas or electric golf cart?

Electric, save money by using electric and the charge will last long. The gas golf cart may go faster though.

Why does my G2 1979 gas powered Yamaha golf cart not go forward or reverse and also not start?

Well since it does not start, first suspect the starter. The battery is easy to eliminate as the cause. The alternator could also be the problem. If the battery is dead but it retains a charge from another source after a jump start, the alternator is the problem. Disconnect the battery after the cart has started. If the engine dies it is a bad alternator, same as a car, unless the golf cart is a pull start ignition type like a lawn mower (I really don't know much about gas powered golf carts).

What year Yamaha golf cart VIN number juo 000973? 2003 G22 Gas

Who makes the best gas golf cart?

There is no better gas or electric. Only what works better for you and what you are using it for. Some hunters prefer electric because they are quiet while other hunters prefer gas because they might be farther out than an electric can carry them. We use electrics at work simply because we can plug it in easier than filling it up.

What is fuel capacity for gas club car golf cart?

4.9 gallons.